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How to Make a Giant Bubble Wand

Easy DIY Giant Bubble Wand Tutorial

One thing I love to do in my free time is play with my nieces and nephews, we’ve tried a couple of games already, but this time, we wanted some fun activities outside. One of our favorites is obstacle courses that my Sister helped install on the backyard.

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But, to make things more fun, I’ve decided to look for more ideas, and that’s when I found this video tutorial by HGTV on YouTube. This is so great and it caused lots of giggles and laughter, plus, it’s very simple to make, too!

Materials for DIY Giant Bubble Wand:

  • 2 dowels, @ 2 inches each
  • Drill
  • 3/8-inch drill bit
  • eye bolts, @ 3/8 inch
  • Cotton rope, @ ¼ inch
  • Washers
  • 2 cups of dish soap
  • 4 tbsp of cornstarch
  • 5 tbsp of glycerin
  • ½ gallon of distilled water

How to Make a Giant Bubble Wand:

Easy DIY Giant Bubble Wand Tutorial
Image credit: HGTV via YouTube

Step 1

Drill a hole on one end of each dowel, then screw in the eye bolts and set them aside, get a 3-foot-long cotton rope, and attach each end to the eye bolts of each dowel. Insert a few washers on a 5-foot-long rope, then tie each end of the rope to the eye bolts of the dowel, and set the wand aside as you prepare the solution.

Step 2

For the solution, get a large container or bowl, then mix 2 cups of dish soap, 2 tablespoons of baking powder, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, and 4 tablespoons of glycerin. Pour in half a gallon of distilled water, then stir them well, and allow the solution to sit overnight. To use, dip the entire string of the want into the solution, then gently pull the rods apart until it forms a bubble, and close the rods together to release the bubbles.

Easy to Make Giant Bubble WandEasy to Make Giant Bubble Wand
Image credit: HGTV via YouTube


*All image credit belongs to HGTV via YouTube. Follow and subscribe to their channel for more! 

How to Make a Giant Bubble Wand