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How to Make a Fall Pumpkin Wreath

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Collage showing to make a fall pumpkin wreath with text overlay.

Wreaths – the best way to decorate any front door, in my opinion! As I’m getting my home ready for Fall, I knew I needed a beautiful fall wreath to add to the rest of my autumn decorations. This fall pumpkin wreath features big fall blooms and mini pumpkins, making it the perfect addition for anyone’s autumn décor. Keep reading for the full how-to tutorial! 

Fall Pumpkin Wreath Supplies:

You won’t believe how easy this beautiful wreath is to make. And since it’s so simple to put together, you only need a handful of supplies! To make your own fall wreath at home, you’ll need:

  • Foam wreath form. They key to making this simple wreath is using a foam wreath form. The foam holds the flowers in place so you don’t have to do any extra work to secure the pieces of your wreath on the form.
  • Fall flowers. I used faux peonies to decorate my fall wreath because I love how full the blooms are. Look for any large flowers in fall colors to decorate your wreath. Hydrangeas, mums, and sunflowers would all make great options.
  • Mini pumpkins. The finishing touch to this easy wreath are the mini white pumpkins. You can use any color or style of pumpkins, but I suggest keeping them small so they won’t weigh down your wreath.
  • Hot glue gun. Make sure all the pieces of your fall wreath stay in place by using your hot glue gun to attach each piece to the form.

Materials needed to make a fall wreath including a foam wreath form, pumpkins and faux flowers.

How to Make a Fall Pumpkin Wreath:

Step 1: Use Wire Cutters to Trim Stems off Flowers

This wreath really is simple to make. In fact, the hardest part is preparing your faux flowers! I suggest using wire cutters to trim the stems off each of your flower stems. You only need around one inch of stem under the flower to secure it to your wreath form, so you’ll need to cut off all the extra stem from each bloom.

White and red peony faux flowers.

Step 2: Add your flowers to your wreath form

If your floral stems have leaves that can be moved up and down along the stem, make sure to push them up underneath the bloom to add some depth to your wreath. Otherwise, you can cut the leaves off the stem and glue them under the flowers after you’ve secured the blooms to the wreath form.

Once all your floral stems are ready to go, you can start attaching them to the wreath form. Start by putting a little bit of hot glue on the stem of the flower, then just push it into the wreath form in the spot you want to place it. Continue adding flowers until the wreath form is covered.

As you’re adding your flowers, make sure to leave a few small sections of the wreath form exposed so you can add your pumpkins in.

Attaching faux peony flowers to the foam wreath form.


Step 3: Attach pumpkins

To attach the pumpkins, add a mound of hot glue to the form, then press the pumpkin in place. Hold the pumpkin steady until the glue sets.

Gluing mini pumpkins in between the flowers on the wreath form.

Step 4: Hang!

When all your flowers and pumpkins have been added, all that’s left to do is hang your wreath on your front door!

Close up of finished fall pumpkin wreath.

Fall wreath with flowers and pumpkins hanging on a wall.

Fall wreath with flowers and pumpkins hanging on a wall.

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Fall wreath with faux flowers and pumpkins.