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How to Draw Fireworks: Draw and Write Patriotic Pictures

how to draw fireworks- draw and write patriotic pictures

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Want to learn how to draw fireworks, and other fun patriotic pictures for the Fourth of July?  These Draw and Write Patriotic Pictures are so much fun to use with kids!  This printable is an awesome Summer activity to do this week. If your kids need something to do, this is it. They will really enjoy drawing and writing with these printable patriotic pictures. 


How to Draw Fireworks (and other Patriotic Pictures!)

I have put together a printable set with 12 draw and write pictures for Independence Day. These are drawing tutorials that also include a word to trace at the bottom. This is great for kids learning to read and write still!  But if you just want to draw, that’s great, too!

All you need is a piece of paper, and some different colors of colored pencils, crayons, pens, or markers. Kids will be excited to draw colorful fireworks, flags, and balloons!  

draw and write patriotic pictures

It includes the following patriotic pictures:

  • How to draw fireworks
  • How to draw an American flag
  • How to draw a firecracker
  • How to draw the State of Liberty 
  • How to draw George Washington 
  • How to draw Abraham, Lincoln
  • How to draw a bald eagle 
  • How to draw the Liberty Bell 
  • How to draw a patriotic top hat 
  • How to draw a USA map
  • How to draw a boy holding a flag
  • How to draw a balloon- with stars

Each picture has a step-by-step tutorial with line art teaching you how to draw them. You can do them with just pencil lines or get creative with different art supplies. They use basic shapes and simple steps that even younger kids can use. Each drawing tutorial includes 6 easy steps to draw the picture. It breaks them down into simple straight lines and curved lines that are easy to manage for the beginner. 

I’ll show you en example with the simple fireworks picture.  The first fireworks step starts with a small star in the center.  The next step adds a few flares to the fireworks drawing. The next steps continue in the same way until the firework drawing is complete.  

how to draw fireworks

You can embellish it more. Add more stars to the ends of the flares. Change up the color of the fireworks, or the shape of the fireworks. You can even glue on some glitter at the end if you’d like to make it sparkle or give it a light effect.  Try this on the printed sheet provided first, then make your own drawing of fireworks on some colored construction paper. 

how to draw the liberty bell- patriotic drawings

The fun of the these draw and write pages is that it teaches kids the skill and the steps, then they can continue drawing these images not their own with the knowledge they gained from practicing. They can doodle and practice with different shapes and styles or variations on these drawings. 

Educational Benefit of the Draw and Write Pages:

This printable is both a language arts and a visual arts activity!  Kids can learn and benefit in so many ways from it. And guess what? They won’t even realize it is learning!  They are really fun to use, too. 

Did you know that drawing has some amazing educational benefits?  Drawing can stimulate neural connections and promote cognitive function.  It can enhance focus, memory, and problem-solving skills. Drawing sparks creativity, sharpens the sense of sight, and builds self esteem when they build their artistic skills. Kids can use drawing to communicate feelings and moods, to express dreams and ideas. It is also a great fine motor exercise for their hands. Drawing can even reduce stress!

This printable also includes the written words at the bottom. These are useful to help kids build connections to words and pictures. It helps them learn to spell and write the words. It’s another fine motor exercise. 

Want to Draw Fireworks with These Patriotic Draw and Write Pictures?  

If you and your kids want to draw some Fourth of July fireworks, the Statue of Liberty, and more, you’ll definitely want to download this printable!

These are available at a small cost in my shop.  Click here to purchase! 

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