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How to Care for Laminated Doors Properly

How to Care for Laminated Doors Properly

When you invest in laminated doors for your home and kitchen, it can be hard to know how to care for them correctly. Caring for a laminated door doesn’t take much time, and it’s easy to keep the surface in excellent condition. However, any laminate product has scratch resistance rather than scratch proof surfaces. So, if you don’t know how to care for it, a laminate door can be scratched or marked permanently. In this article, we will show you how to care for your laminate door properly to avoid damage.

Understanding Household Cleaners

Many people use a commercial household cleaning product to care for their laminated doors. Broadly speaking, a typical household cleaner will fall into one of three categories; they are:

  • A Liquid Cleaner: This would be a caustic or non abrasive cleaning liquid.
  • A Cream Cleaner: This would be a thicker cream cleanser.
  • A Paste or Powder: This is a thicker product that’s smeared or dusted onto the surface.

If you use an abrasive powder, paste or cream cleaning product it could permanently damage the surface of a laminated door. Over time, the appearance will be significantly altered with the appearance of a quantity of smaller scratches. Cleaning a laminated surface continually with these types of products will cause damage that cannot be fixed. The only solution will be to replace the laminated door entirely and hopefully avoid using these types of cleaning products in the future.

Using Household Cleaning Products

For general day to day cleaning, many furniture experts recommend that liquid cleaners can be used with laminated surfaces. If there is a more stubborn area that cannot be cleaned with a liquid cleaning product a cream cleanser can be used. However, this is risky, and care should be taken to be careful and avoid vigorous rubbing to protect the surface as much as possible. When you need to finish the laminated surface, you can use a Windex type product to wipe it clean. This is a popular choice because a Windex style cleaner is formulated to avoid leaving any streak marks on the cleaned laminated surfaces where it’s used.

General Laminate Cleaning Tips

Cleaning laminate surfaces doesn’t take long, and it’s relatively simple compared to other kitchen surfaces. We’ve covered the essentials above, but here is a quick list of four laminate cleaning tips that you will need to keep in mind before you begin.

  • Act Quickly: It’s important to wipe off all drink and food spills quickly.
  • General Cleaning: All general laminate cleaning should be carried out with clean and warm soapy water.
  • Avoid Abrasives: It’s vital that any and all abrasive powders and cleaners are avoided because they cause permanent scratches on laminate surfaces.
  • Friendly Cleaners: If you have stubborn stains, you can use commercially available cleaning products, such as Nifty liquid cleaner, Mr. Muscle Foaming Cleanser, and Flash Liquid cleaner.

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