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Homemade Twirling Ribbon Sticks in 5 minutes

Homemade Twirling Ribbons
These twirling ribbon sticks are easy to make with just a stick and a ribbon, Kids will love swinging and swirling their ribbons around as they dance and run in the yard. Add this to your list of simple activities to do in the backyard this summer.

Twirling ribbon? Ribbon stick? Twirling ribbon stick?  I’m not exactly sure what they’re called, but they were so easy to make! They’re great for pretend play, princess dress-up and fairy activities!

We were outside, making our Pringles can windsock, and the girls were fascinated by the way the ribbons danced and fluttered on the breeze.

They were having such a great time shrieking and squealing and chasing those ribbons around, it occurred to me they might have a lot of fun with some actual twirling ribbon sticks.

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I had no supplies with me other than the ribbons we were working with, so these ribbon sticks are basic.  REALLY basic.  They took all of 5 minutes to make.

Homemade Twirling Ribbons

Ready to see how I made these awesome Twirling Ribbon Sticks?

That’s it, that’s all. Pretty easy, huh?


I grabbed a couple of sticks out of the garden, snapped them to about 10 inches in length, and the girls picked out their ribbons.

I probably tied about 5 ribbons to each stick and each ribbon was different in width and weight.  No need to have everything matchy-matchy here.

I tied the ribbons to one end of the sick, and knotted them a few times to secure them. Then I handed them over to the toddlers.


The were amazing!  The girls danced and spun and jumped and twirled, they fell down, they hopped up, and they ran around and around in the yard.

What’s so great about twirling a ribbon?

Our twirling ribbon sticks help develop a number a skills:

  • gross motor skills (large arm movements)
  • balance (spinning while twirling the ribbon stick)
  • exercise (running around waving ribbon stick in the air)
  • co-ordination (moving stick in a way that makes ribbons flutter)


What a beautiful and fun way to stretch and exercise those little muscles.


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