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Homemade Doodle Art Activity for Kids of All Ages

homemade doodle art - happy hooligans

This Homemade Doodle Art is a fun and easy art activity for kids of all ages to do. Toddlers, preschoolers, tweens and teens will enjoy designing their own doodles and colouring or painting them in. for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids too.  

Who doesn’t love a doodle art?  Remember those huge black velvety doodle arts we had when we were kids?  Oh man, I loved those things.  My friends and I could spend hours, sprawled out on the floor, markers scattered all around, doodling the summer days away.
homemade doodle art - happy hooligans

Now, remember the amazing homemade watercolour paints we made the other day?

Well we put them to the test today, and used them for a neat little homemade doodle art project here in my daycare.

Unlike the fine-detailed doodle art from our childhood, these doodle arts have big, loopy sections for the kids to colour or paint; a perfect toddler art project but fun for kids of all ages.

Homemade Doodle Arts set up for toddlersHomemade Doodle Arts set up for toddlers

To make your homemade doodle art, you’ll need:

  • black marker
  • paints or markers

Drawing your doodle art:

With a black marker make a large, loopy doodle to cover the surface that you’re working on.

Homemade Doodle Art Homemade Doodle Art

We worked on paper today, but we’ve used white cardboard before.

Child working on HOmemade Doodle artChild working on HOmemade Doodle art

Now the fun part!

Paint all of the sections different colours.

It’s amazing how well the young ones can grasp this concept.

I sat on the mat, working on my own, not instructing or directing them, and they did really well.

We’ve done a couple of other projects recently though, like our stained glass panels and our rainbow collages which followed the same basic concept – keeping colours in designated sections, so they’ve had some practice.

Child painted Homemade Doodle ArtChild painted Homemade Doodle Art

We kept the baby busy by giving her some construction paper, a paintbrush and a dish of water (shallow glass baking dishes work well for rinsing brushes because they don’t tip over).

The construction paper and water is a great alternative for little ones; they can see their brush strokes, and they have fun splashing the brush around, and clean up is a breeze. 🙂

Baby painting on construction paper with waterBaby painting on construction paper with water

You’re not limited to using paints for this either.

You could set out crayons, pencil crayons or the children could glue crumpled up squares of tissue paper into the sections of their doodle.

Here’s one that I made a couple of weeks ago using markers.


What do you think?

Don’t the new new paints look great?

Hand Drawn doodle Art for preschoolersHand Drawn doodle Art for preschoolers

And check it out!

After 3 of us completed our projects, the colours are still clean!

No muddy, mixed up mess!

I love it!!

tray of homemade watercolourstray of homemade watercolours

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