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{Gorgeous} Coloured Coffee Filter Snowflakes

coloured coffee filter snowflakes

Put a vibrant twist on a classic kids’ craft with these coloured, coffee filter snowflakes.

Here’s one of my earliest memories:  I’m sitting on a tiny chair at a tiny table in a small, cozy, carpeted room that I call “my den”.  This room is just off our dining room.  It isn’t any bigger than a large closet, and it’s set up with my little kindergarten table and chairs, my book collection, and my art and craft supplies.  On this particular day, I’m tracing the round lid of one of my mom’s cooking pots, and with the circles that I trace, I am cutting out paper snowflakes.  I’m snip, snip, snipping away with my little safety scissors, completely in love with this new craft that I’ve mastered.

How sharply that memory stands out in my mind!  This must’ve been the day that my true crafty spirit was born.

Some 40 years later, I still love making paper snowflakes, and so do my daycare hooligans. We’re in the middle of a real cold-spell here, so we’ve been spending lots of time indoors crafting and creating.

Our latest creation – these gorgeous, coloured coffee filter snowflakes!  The process of dying our snowflakes a lot of fun and a great lesson in colour mixing and water absorption.

Want to see how we made them? Pop over to CBC Parents to get all the details so you can make some beautiful coffee filter snowflakes of your own!

coloured coffee filter snowflakes

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