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Glue Gun Art Flowers | How to “Paint” with a Hot Glue Gun

Painting inside a flower outline made with hot glue

These glue gun art flowers are SO PRETTY! Use our free templates, hot glue, and a little bit of paint to create this fun and easy art project.

Glue guns are handy for all kinds of crafts, but have you ever used one to paint?! It’s such a cool craft! Trace a flower outline with your glue gun and then add paint between the raised lines — it’s so fun!

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How to Make Glue Gun Art Flowers

Making glue gun art is such a cool craft! Follow our simple step by step instructions to make this simple, but beautiful, piece of art.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Trace the template with pencil and glue

Step 3: Paint the flower’s leaves and stem

Step 4: Paint the flower petals

Helpful Tips:

  1. You can also pick up your paper and move the paper instead of the glue gun. It can make it easier to follow the exact lines of the template.
  2. Blend different colours of watercolour paint together for a pretty look.
  3. If your paint splashes a bit on the raised hot glue lines you can wet a q-tip and carefully wipe the paint away.

Hot glue raised lines on flowers with supplies to make the art

Free printable templates for glue gun art flowers:

Use the links below to find the flower templates we used for this glue gun art. There’s many different styles of flowers in a variety of sizes. The templates are free to download and print.

>>> Flower Outline <<<

We used the small sizes of flower outline #1, flower template #3, and flower outlines #5 for some of our glue gun art flowers.

>>> Flower Coloring Pages <<<

We used flower colouring pages #7 and #10 to make our hot glue paintings.

Close up on art made with a glue gun

What type of paint is best for making glue gun art flowers?

We used liquid watercolour paint for our glue gun art, but you can also use pan watercolours or even acrylic paint. And if you’re not comfortable using paint (or want to minimize the mess) you can also use markers, colored pencils, or crayons!

What type of glue gun is used for glue gun art?

We definitely recommend using a regular, high heat glue gun for this craft. We usually like to use a low temperature glue gun, but the hotter the glue, the more easily it comes out of the gun.

The hot glue coming out more quickly makes it easier to follow the lines of the template. Younger kids can use a low temperature glue gun, if needed, but it will take longer and the lines won’t be quite as clean looking.

Flower outlines from hot glue painted with liquid watercolours

Do I have to use watercolor paper for hot glue painting?

If you’re using watercolour paint, we definitely recommended using watercolour paper. It’s thick and made for absorbing the liquid paint.

But if you’re going to paint with acrylic paint (or colour with marker), then you can definitely use a different type of paper. A thicker paper like cardstock is still recommended, since it’ll hold up to the glue and colour without warping.

Do I have to use a template to make glue gun art?

No, you can definitely draw your own picture and cover the lines with the hot glue. Or you can even try freehand drawing with the glue gun! Make sure your lines aren’t too close, or the glue will run together.

DIY glue gun art

Glue gun art is such a fun resist technique for watercolour paint. It’s SO EASY to create a beautiful piece of art, no painting experience necessary, plus it’s really cool to “paint” with a glue gun.

Flowers made with a glue gun

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