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Glitter Fireworks Craft | Easy Glitter Firework Art for Kids

Silver and gold metallic fireworks art made with glue and glitter

Celebrate the 4th of July with this glitter fireworks craft! This bright and sparkly kids activity is the perfect way to mark Independence Day or New Year’s Eve — and it’s SO EASY to make!

This textured firework art is shimmering and beautiful, just like real fireworks! Use white glue to draw bursts of fireworks across the paper and then sprinkle them with colourful glitter. It’s so much fun!

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How to Make Glitter Fireworks

Making glitter fireworks is such a fun holiday craft for kids! Use simple dollar store supplies to make this sparkly art.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: “Draw” glue fireworks on the paper

Step 3: Sprinkle on the glitter

Step 4: Shake off the excess glitter

Helpful Tips:

  1. Make red, white (silver), and blue fireworks for the 4th of July or Memorial Day, or create fireworks art using many bright colours of glitter for any fireworks holiday!
  2. Use a damp paper towel to help you clean your tray and/or working surface.
  3. Check out our salt painted fireworks post for step by step instructions on how to draw the other style of fireworks you see here.

Glitter fireworks crafts sitting with glue and glitter tubes

What type of glitter is best for making glitter fireworks?

We used medium sized glitter from the dollar store to make our fireworks art. We really liked how the medium glitter makes it look like sparks!

Extra fine glitter also works really well and covers the glue more easily. It looks amazing, but gives the fireworks more of a sandy texture. So it’s really a personal preference of which look you prefer.

You can also try using chunky glitter or shaped glitter, but I suspect it wouldn’t cover the glue as nicely.

How messy are glitter fireworks?

Let’s face it — any craft with glitter is going to be a bit messy. It tends to gets everywhere. But there are definitely ways to minimize that mess!

  1. Do this craft outside. If you’re making this craft on a warm, non-windy day, bring the glitter outside! Make sure you tape down your paper first, just in case a small gust of wind comes.
  2. Cover your working surface with a plastic tablecloth or covering that you don’t mind getting dirty. Then you can shake it off over the garbage.
  3. Use a shallow cardboard box. As long as the box is short enough for little arms to reach over, it’s a great way to keep most of the glitter in one place.
  4. Use a baking sheet like we do. You can even tape your tray to the table or use sticky tack to keep it in place.

Making an easy fireworks kids craft with glitter

What paper is best for making glitter fireworks?

We used black cardstock to make our glitter fireworks and we definitely recommend it. The black paper looks just like the night sky!

We like to use a thicker paper, like cardstock or watercolor paper. Even cardstock can warp a little bit if you use a lot of glue. Construction paper will work, but it will definitely warp a bit and look wavy from all the wet glue.

Closeup on a purple glitter firework

Can I save the extra glitter from this firework craft?

Yes! We’re all about re-using craft supplies whenever possible, and these glitter fireworks require you to sprinkle a lot more glitter than you actually need.

Use a spoon or a paintbrush to gather all the excess glitter together in one spot of the tray. Then pour it into a bowl, or use a funnel to collect the glitter in a jar or container. The multi-coloured glitter looks great, and you can use it later for another fun craft!

If you want to put individual colours of glitter back into their original containers, it’s a time consuming process, but you can do it. Simply “draw” one firework at a time with the glue and sprinkle the single colour on.

Then shake off the excess glitter, transfer it back into the jar, and clean off your tray before using your next colour. We didn’t feel like it was worth the effort (especially since the mixed glitter looks great!), but it is possible.

DIY glitter fireworks

We think fireworks and glitter make a perfect combination! Use simple dollar store supplies to make these bright and bold glitter fireworks. It’s such a fun kids activity for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Canada Day, New Year’s Eve, Bonfire Night, or any other fireworks holiday!

Glue and glitter fireworks craft

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