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Fun To Make Paper Cup Mouse Craft- Step By Step Tutorial


This tutorial is perfect for any crafty kid looking to make a unique paper flower. Step-by-step instructions make this an easy and fun project that will leave your child with a beautiful, handmade flower they can be proud of.

Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to make handmade paper flowers for kids! With this easy-to-follow guide, you can create beautiful paper flowers that your children can proudly display in their room or give away as gifts. This craft is perfect for any age and can be used to teach your children about colors, shapes, and the art of crafting. Plus, the end product is sure to bring a smile to their faces! So, let’s get started!

DIY & Craft Easy And Fun To Make Paper Cup Mouse

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Material Used:

  • Paper cup
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Black sheet
  • Red sheet
  • White sheet


Step 1: Taking A Paper Cup

Easy To Make Mouse Craft Idea For Kids Using Paper Cup

Take a paper cup for making of the mouse.

Step 2: Cutting Two Circles Out Of Black Sheet

Simple To Make With Paper Cup Mouse Craft For PreschoolersCut two circles of about 3 cm radius out of the black sheet.

Step 3: Pasting Red Circles Of Smaller Radius

Cool Art Of Paper Activity To Make Mouse Craft For Kids

Take another sheet of red color make circles on it of radius 2cm and cut it off the sheet. Now, paste the red circles on the black circles touching the boundary on the black circle from one side.

Step 4: Giving A Single Cut From The Center Of Both The Red Circles

Easy To Make Mouse Craft For Kids Tutorial

Take scissors and cut the circle from the center of the red circle.

Step 5: Inserting The Circles In The Edges Of The Cup

Putting the circles around the rim of the cup.

Insert the circles in the paper cup from the cut side.

Step 6: Making Eyes Of Our Mouse

Step By Step To Make Paper Cup Mouse Craft For Kids

Take one white circle cut out of a white sheet and one black cut out of a black sheet which let the black one be a little smaller. Paste the black one on the white one and stick both of them on the paper cup indicating the eyes of the mouse.

Step 7: Making Mustaches Of The Mouse

Handmade Mouse Craft Ideas For Kids

Take a black sheet for mustaches. Cut one circle and six rectangles from the black sheet.

Step 8: Completing Mustaches

Creative Ideas To Make Cute Mouse Craft For Kids

Paste the rectangles around the circles.

Step 9: Pasting Mustaches Below The Eyes

Super Cute Paper Cup Mouse Craft Ideas At Home

Paste the mustaches on the paper cup.

Final Step: This Is The Complete Look Of The Paper Cup Mouse!

DIY Paper Cup Mouse Art & Craft For Kids

This is the complete look of the paper cup mouse. Make it at your home with only a few materials.

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Paper Mouse Is Ready!

 Cute Paper Mouse Is Ready!

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

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What kind of paper should I use for making paper flowers?

You can use any type of paper you like, including cardstock, construction paper, tissue paper, or even newspaper.

Do I need any special tools to make paper flowers?

You don’t need any special tools, but scissors and a craft knife will make the process easier.

How long does it take to make paper flowers?

The time required to make a paper flower varies depending on the size and complexity of the flower. Generally, it takes between 15 minutes and an hour.

What type of glue should I use?

You can use any craft glue, such as white glue, hot glue, or a glue stick.

Can I use paint or markers to decorate my paper flowers?

Yes, you can use paint, markers, glitter, and other craft materials to decorate your paper flowers.

This tutorial provides a fun and creative way for kids to make beautiful handmade paper flowers. With easy to follow instructions and materials that can be easily found around the house, it’s a great project for any child to take on!

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