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Home » Fun fall craft for kids, nature craft with chestnuts

Fun fall craft for kids, nature craft with chestnuts

Fun fall craft for kids

Chestnut monkey craft for kids

This is a super fun fall craft activity with a tropical twist. We created a tropical island with chestnut monkeys, pinecone palm trees, and coconut drinks created from acorns.

Why create this fun fall craft with kids

Why should you try this fun fall craft with your kids? Fall is the perfect season for nature craft projects. It’s a chance to get outdoors, explore, and gather materials for free. Plus, it´s a wonderful way to inspire creativity and encourage kids to go for a walk.

Embark on an exciting treasure hunt for chestnuts, acorns, flowers, leaves,  pinecones, rocks, shells, sticks, twigs, walnut shells, and more! With our nature finds, we can transform them into a captivating tropical island with chestnut monkeys.

This is a super fun and creative way to use your fall nature finds and turn them into this tropical art project. Below, you find the step-by-step craft instructions for each fall craft activity. We will first create the chestnut monkeys and then show you how to turn a pinecone into a palm tree.

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Nature craft supplies for fall

Nature craft supplies

Fun and easy fall craft activity for kids

Fun and easy fall craft activity for kids

Craft supplies for chestnut monkeys

Chestnut craft for fall

Chestnut monkey craft layout

Chestnut fall craft, monkey 

Step 1: For the monkey, you need two big chestnuts. Use the biggest chestnut for the body and the smallest for the head.

Step 2: In the big chestnut (the monkey’s body), you make five holes with an awl—two for the arms, two for the legs, and one for the monkey’s head.

Step 3: Connect the two chestnuts (the head with the body) using a small piece of a toothpick/skewer. You can use a piece of twine or pipe cleaner for the arms and legs.

Step 4: Give the monkey a face with a paint marker or use googly eyes.

Step 5: Last but not least, give the monkey two ears from card stock or a piece of pipe cleaner. For glue, we used hot glue to make sure the different materials stick well together. 

Craft supplies for pinecone palm tree

Pinecone fall craft idea kids

Easy pinecone palm tree craft idea

Pinecone craft instructions palm tree

Step 1: For the palm tree, you only need one long pinecone, green paper, and a small piece of cardboard. First, cut a piece of cardboard and glue your pinecone on top. This will be the base of your palm tree to ensure your palm tree stands straight.

Step 2: Cut six to ten palm leaves from green paper. The size of your leaves depends on the size of your pinecone. Make the leaves about 2/3 in the length of your pinecones.

Step 3: Now bend your leaves slightly with the side of your scissor. Now attach the leaves to your pinecone. You can use glue, or the leaves will stick by themselves, depending on your pine cone.

Craft supplies for tropical coconut drinks

Acorn fall craft idea

Turn your acorns in these cute coconut drinks

Coconut drinks created from acorns

Step 1: Start with coloring a small piece of a toothpick; this will be your straw

Step 2: Poke your straw in your acorn, the coconut. Now, give your acorn a cute face!


Great job on this super fun fall craft activity with a tropical twist. You might also like these adorable pinecone dinosaurs, one of our most popular crafts. Or try out this lion craft with pinecone manes, a beautiful wall hanger for the kid’s room.

Fun fall craft for kids

Fun fall craft for kids

Monkeys created from chestnuts

Monkeys created from chestnuts