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Fun Backyard Activities for Kids & Families

50 backyard activities for kids and families

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Are you looking for some fun backyard activities for kids and families?  This post will give you all you need to keep busy outdoors on those warm days the spring and summer. Get outside and get some fresh air. These are not just for the kids, either!  The whole family will love joining in on many of these activities.

These backyard activities are sure to help you create some amazing memories together. Plus, many of these outdoor activities will keep you and your kids active and playing instead of sitting around using screens. Getting outside is so important for our physical and mental health. This list will provide you with hours of fun in the great outdoors. You don’t need a big backyard to make most of these happen, either! Most of these can be done in any green spaces.

Fun Backyard Activities for Kids and Families

To have a good time outside, you will want to collect some basic outdoor toys and supplies for outdoor play.  Here are a few basics I would recommend, plus some extras that you’ll love, too!

50 Backyard Activities for Kids and Families:

  1. Have a Picnic: Set up a picnic blanket and enjoy lunch, a tea party, or snacks outside.
  2. Play Some Classic Outdoor Games:  Such as Simon says, kick the can, red light green light, traditional tag, red rover, etc. I have a whole post on classic games, check it out! The BEST Classic Outdoor Games for Kids
  3. Backyard Camping: Pitch a tent and spend the night under the stars.
  4. Gardening: Kids love to help plant the garden, especially if you let them make some of the choices & eat the vegetables after. Make your own Clay Stamped Garden Markers, too!
  5. Bird Watching: Hang a bird feeder and identify the different species that visit.
  6. Build a Backyard Obstacle Course: Collect various outdoor equipment and household items and create an obstacle course for your friends or siblings. Be sure to demonstrate it for them first!
  7. Nature Scavenger Hunt: We love nature hunts! Check out my printable one!
  8. Outdoor Movie Night: Set up a projector and outdoor screen for a movie night under the stars. Be sure to include popcorn and other snacks.
  9. Have a Water Balloon Fight: Water balloons are especially fun on a hot day! Have you tried a water balloon piñata before?
  10. Make Your Own Sundial: Create a sundial and learn about telling time using the sun. We especially love doing the Human Sundial activity.
  11. Blow Bubbles: Make some homemade bubble solution and blow bubbles. Try some jumbo bubbles!
  12. Do Some Sidewalk Chalk Art: Get creative and make colorful sidewalk chalk drawings. See my post- Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint
  13. Outdoor Yoga: Do some yoga or stretching exercises together in the yard. Taking it outside makes it much more fun!
  14. DIY Birdhouses: Build your own birdhouses or bird feeders using simple materials.
  15. Do Some Nature Crafts: Collect leaves, rocks, and sticks to make nature-inspired crafts. Making sun prints is especially fun!
  16. Go on a Bug Hunt: Explore the backyard and look for insects. Check out my Insect Viewer post!
  17. Try Some DIY Tie-Dye: Have a tie-dye party using old clothing items.
  18. Do a Little Outdoor Cooking: Cook meals or snacks on a grill, dutch oven, or roast marshmallows and hot dogs over a fire pit. Or try some solar cooking!
  19. Stargazing: Identify constellations and planets using a telescope or binoculars.
  20. Tug of War: Have a friendly competition with a tug of war game.
  21. Hopscotch: Draw a hopscotch grid with chalk and play this classic game.
  22. Bean Bag Toss: Set up a corn hole or other bean bag toss game for some friendly competition.
  23. Water Painting or Ice Painting: Use paintbrushes and water to “paint” the sidewalk or fence. Or try it with colored ice cubes.
  24. Go Fly a Kite!  Buy or make your own kites and fly them in the backyard. Take it to a park if you don’t have enough space.
  25. Rock Painting: Paint and decorate rocks and display them outside in the garden. Or, take them to a nature trail for others to see.
  26. Outdoor Reading: Set up a cozy reading spot outside in the shade with pillows and blankets and read together. Need some book ideas? 50 Must Read Classic Books for Kids
  27. Nature Journaling: Observe plants and wildlife and record your findings in a nature journal. I have a printable nature journal for you!
  28. Jump Rope Together: Try learning some jump rope tricks or see who can jump the most times.
  29. Hula Hooping: Have fun hula hooping (or learning to!) and try new tricks.
  30. Make Your Own Slip-N-Slide: Create a DIY water slip-n-slide using a tarp and hose. A little dish soap makes it extra slippery!
  31. Color Scavenger Hunt: Try this fun color scavenger hunt to find all of the different colors in your yard! Color Scavenger Hunt with Printable
  32. Backyard Olympics: Organize a series of outdoor games to play. Compete and award medals to the winners.
  33. Chalk Target Practice: Draw targets on the ground with sidewalk chalk and practice aiming at the target with bean bags or balls. Add points for more fun!
  34. Host an Outdoor Concert: Host a mini concert and showcase your musical talents. Invite friends and neighborhood to perform, too. You can even make it a sing-a-long!
  35. Pool Noodle Sword Fights:  Grab a couple of pool noodles from the dollar store and have some friendly sword fights with them.
  36. Potato Sack Race: Race each other while hopping in potato sacks.
  37. Leaf Pile Jumping: Rake your autumn leaves into a pile and take turns jumping into it. There is not much better than this for a kid!
  38. Do Some Outdoor Science Experiments: I have a few ideas you can choose from! 100+ Easy & FUN Science Ideas
  39. DIY Water Blob: Make a giant water blob using plastic sheeting and duct tape.
  40. Play a Sport: Play a game of baseball, soccer, football, or ultimate frisbee! Check out my list of fun yard games below, too.
  41. Backyard Bowling: Set up homemade (with water or soda bottles) bowling pins and use a ball to knock them down.
  42. Have a Water Fight: Get some water guns, hoses, wet sponges and other fun water toys and soak your family members!
  43. Glow Stick Hide and Seek: This one needs to be done at night. Attach a glow stick to everyone. Then, Play hide and seek in the dark.
  44. Create Your Own Backyard Mini Golf: Build a mini golf course using things from your home or yard.
  45. Play a Game of Paintball: Use washable paintballs and have a paintball battle. Try my Homemade Paintball Bombs!
  46. Backyard Theater: Put on a play or puppet show for family and friends.
  47. Hang Hammocks: Hammocks are a fun way to relax and chat as a family
  48. Climbing Trees or Climbing Walls: Build your own climbing wall or add some climbing holds to your trees!  See who can get up there the fastest!
  49. Make Mud Pies: You just need a little dirt and water for this fun activity.
  50. Play a Game of Laser Tag: Laser Tag is so much fun with a big group. Be sure to invite some neighbor friends over for this one!

fun backyard activities for kids and families

Backyard Lawn Games:

More Fun Backyard Ideas and Activities:

  • Slip and Slide
  • Above ground pool
  • Splash pad you attach to your sprinklers
  • Hot Tubs- they make inflatable ones now, too!
  • Playground or Swing Set
  • Paved Bike Tracks
  • Build a simple treehouse
  • Water Table: buy one, or make your own
  • Make or buy a giant chalkboard for outdoor play

These backyard activities are sure to keep the whole family entertained and create lasting memories together! They will bump up your physical activity levels and help everyone to have a great time. Have fun playing together!