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Free Printable Star Valentine – My Frugal Adventures

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Free Printable Valentine


Here is my second free printable Valentine idea for this year.  This might be my favorite yet (although I say that about every Valentine).  I have never seen these fun glow in the dark stars used for a Valentine and I thought it was a cute and unique idea. Especially if you are looking for non candy options.

My daughter was begging for these stars at one point and it clicked in my head to use these as a Valentine.  Kids can stick them to the ceiling of their room or bathroom or if you want a less noticeable option, pop them on the walls of the closet.  So fun!

You can purchase bags of these glow in the dark stars and pop them into a little treat bag and then tie on the free printable with a fun ribbon or bakers twine and that is it!  Super simple and I have a feeling these are going to be a hit this year.  If you want an alternate option, I think Starburst candies would be perfect instead of the stars.

Star Valentine Printable

I made these for my 9 year old specifically and I know she is going to be pleased because she gets extremely embarrassed about any Valentine that suggests anything nice at all toward the boys in her class- this one doesn’t tell anyone they are sweet or a cutie or anything else even remotely embarrassing.

When I showed these to her she was really excited- “Mom can I give myself a Valentine this year?”  Win in my book friends!

Free Children's Valentine Printable

And since I like options myself, I wanted to show you an alternate packaging idea.  You can always fold the treat bag over and tape it with washi tape.  A gold or blue or star tape looks fantastic.

Star Valentine Idea

Here are the items I used for my Valentines:

Glow in the Dark Stars  or here //  Treat Bags or here // Gold Ribbon or here // Starburst Candy (alternate filler idea) // Washi Tape or here

Free Printable Twinkle Twinkle Valentine here.*

*Note: This Valentine is for personal use only and not for resale. Please respect copyright laws.

Star Valentine printable

And if this doesn’t float your boat, here are a bunch of other Valentine ideas:


Cookies and Milk Valentine

Watermelon Valentine

One in a Melon Valentine (use watermelon candy or watermelon for class parties)

Valentine for Teachers

Colorful Valentine (with crayons for kids or markers for teachers)

Free Printable Bouncy Ball Valentine

Bouncy Ball Valentine