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Free Printable Red White and Blue Stars

Preview of three pages of the red white and blue stars printable download on top of a nighttime sparkler background image.

Download these free printable red white and blue stars designs to use in your next papercrafting project.

Whenever there is a holiday, I like to get my kids involved with some quality crafting time. Not only is it fun to create something together, I take the opportunity to inject some history so they understand the significance of the holiday. A few history facts here and there can really peak their interest and they might go on researching more later on! So how about using these free printable red white and blue stars page designs as a catalyst for fun times and bonus history learning? I’ll be sharing my favorite activity ideas below.

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Hello! My name is Linda from and I’m a graphic designer who creates printable downloads to share with moms like you. This free printable red white and blue stars pdf offers three different page designs for your crafting pleasure. I’m going to share my favorite ideas for each page design, so make sure to download the free printable for an afternoon of fun crafting with the whole family.


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What You Need:

Preview of red white and blue stars printable page on top of pink background with hand holding glass full of gold glitter and pouring it out in the upper right hand corner.

Ideas for Free Printable Red White and Blue Stars Paper Designs

The free printable download includes three different pages of red white and blue star designs. I’ve created the variations on purpose to offer you a variety of options for paper crafting and decor. There are lots of craft ideas and projects you can do with these printables and it is the perfect opportunity to get your kids to participate.

Decorations and Papercrafting Projects

The first printable page of this free printable red white and blue stars downloadable has star shapes in a variety of colors and sizes. This means that you can cut them out individually or as strips to use for decorations. You can further manipulate the size of the stars by using your printer settings to select a percentage larger or smaller – as needed.

There are many ideas for what you can use these star shapes for. Some of my favorites include cutting out the stars and gluing two of them back to back over a toothpick. The resulting flag decoration is great for adding to baked goods or for making table namecards or embellishments for paper projects. You can also string together the star shapes to make a garland or banner type decoration for the house or table setting during the 4th of July holidays. There are many ways to use these designs in scrapbooking, cardmaking and even creative journaling.

Letterwriting, Drawing and Artwork

For the second printable page of this free printable red white and blue stars downloadable, I’ve designed a full page with a star border. This is a perfect design for correspondence such as letterwriting or taking notes about the holiday and history.

For little kids, they can use the printed page for artwork and drawing as well. You can also incorporate the design by printing it in a smaller size for scrapbooking and journaling as a decorative card element. I’ve also used it as a frame for photos in my memory keeping notebooks.

When it comes to home decor, you can definitely use this design to display a holiday luncheon menu. Or consider using this star designed stationery for any type of sign you need for gatherings or parties that require information displayed.

Preview of red white and blue stars border stationery page on white background with variety of fourth of july decorations from USA flags to popcorn to white and blue pencils, star candle and partial view of USA map design on the right.

Wrapping Gifts, Making Notebooks and More Crafts

Finally, the third page of this free printable red white and blue stars design is a full page patterned design. This is the most versatile page design, because it’s effectively decorative paper for any kind of paper projects.

You can print out the design for wrapping small gifts, using it as a cover page for making pocket notebooks or cut it into different shapes for cards and tags. There’s really no limit to the projects possible using a pretty decorative paper design. What will you make with this classic star pattern design?

Preview of red white and blue stars patterned page printable on white  background with variety of decorations strewn about from gold glitter in a bowl on the top left, purple bull dog flip on the left middle, cup of coffee on lower left and ice cream cone with bow on the bottom.

What’s Next? 

I hope you enjoy using the pages of this free printable red white and blue stars download. And if you like digital printables be sure to check out my blog for more freebies – Tortagialla printables blog.

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Preview of three pages of the red white and blue stars printable download on top of a nighttime photo with sparkler on the top in background.