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Fourth of July I-Spy Coloring Printable

4th of July I-Spy Printable

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The Fourth of July is just around the corner and I’ve got another fun printable for you! This time it’s a Fourth of July I-Spy Printable. This is great for moms to bring to the 4th of July parade or fireworks. It can also keep kids busy inside on an extra hot day on or around Independence Day!

Fourth of July I-Spy Free Printable:

An I spy coloring page is a great activity for kids of all ages. They are reminiscent of the Where’s Waldo books I used to love as a kid! I also remember loving the “I spy with my little eye…” game.

This fun game is is free to print and easy to do. You will need some regular copy paper, a printer, and something to color or draw with. I like using colored pencils or fine point markers since the pictures are quite small.

This worksheet includes 18 different patriotic items: fireworks, sparkler, American flags, eagle, calendar, Statue of Liberty, star pinwheel, USA word bubble, confetti, a firecracker rocket, star sunglasses, liberty bell, soldier helmet, star medal, rocket popsicle, United States map, Uncle Sam hat, heart-shaped US flag.

Educational Value of I-Spy Printables:

This printable I-spy game is more than just fun. There are many skills that can be developed and enhanced through I spy activities. They are great for preschoolers and kids in elementary school.

I spy printable game can help kids develop fine motor skills by helping kids color in or circle a small object. They can help with math skills and number recognition skills when they are counting the different objects and trying to find the correct number.

Observation skills are increased as kids search for the pictures on the page. Visual perception and visual discrimination are developed as kids are distinguishing the different shapes and objects. This printable worksheet could be used in speech therapy to build summer vocabulary. Or, print it out for a fun July activity!

How to Use The 4th of July I Spy Coloring Pages:

These free printable Fourth of July I-spy pages are a fun activity to use as a boredom buster over summer break when you or your kids need a little quiet time. Take them with you on a summer road trip, a plane ride, at the doctor’s office or any other errands.

They would be a great little activity to use at a birthday party, play date, or at summer camps. Print multiple copies and turn it into a game or competition with others to see who can complete it first!

Make this a re-usable resource by printing it on cardstock and laminating it, or sliding it into a dry-erase pocket!

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This pdf file is for personal use or classroom use.

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