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Felt Alphabet Letters | Free Stuffed Alphabet Letters Pattern

Pile of hand stitched felt alphabet letters

These felt alphabet letters are so cute and cuddly! Use our free, printable letter templates to make these felt letters in your favourite colours. It’s such a fun and easy sewing project, perfect for beginners!

Make felt letters to spell out a name, or stitch together the whole alphabet! These stuffed letters are a tactile DIY toy that promotes learning and letter recognition. They’re great for kids at home or in a preschool classroom!

Pile of hand stitched felt alphabet letters

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How to Make Felt Letters

Have fun sewing these felt letters! This stuffed felt alphabet is so cheerful, and it’s a great educational toy for kids to explore letter forms and shapes.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Cut the felt letter pieces

  • We have all 26 letters of the alphabet available for you to print out.Print one of the letter patterns (find the link in the materials list above!) and cut out around it.
  • Hold the pattern piece on top of the felt to cut it out.You can also pin the pattern to the felt to make it easier to cut, or trace around the template with chalk or a gel pen.Be sure to cut 2 pieces — the front and back of the letter.

Step 3: Sew the letter together with a blanket stitch

Step 4: Stuff and close off the felt letter

Helpful Tips:

  1. You can pin the felt pieces together while sewing them, to ensure that the 2 sides stay aligned.
  2. Decorate your felt letters by embroidering flowers or another small design onto the front of the letter before sewing it together.
  3. To create a weighted sensory toy, add some poly-pellets to your letter before sewing it closed.

Spelling a name with alphabet felt lettersSpelling a name with alphabet felt letters

Get our free printable felt alphabet letters template:

The link and picture below will take you to our free, printable felt alphabet letters pattern! The 26 page PDF file will open in a new window. Then simply print the template of your choice on 8.5 x 11 (letter size) printer paper.

>>> Felt Alphabet Letters Pattern <<<

Free printable alphabet template for felt lettersFree printable alphabet template for felt letters

What size felt letters does this pattern make?

Our patterns make letters that are roughly 5 inches tall. You can make the letters bigger or smaller by scaling the PDF before printing it.

What type of felt is best for making alphabet felt letters?

We used soft craft felt to make our felt letters. This felt is easy to find at the craft store, and it’s an inexpensive choice that’s great for most kids crafts. It’s quite thin, though, and it pills easily if you handle it a lot.

If your felt letters won’t be handled much, then craft felt is probably a good choice. But if you want your stuffed letters to last for a long time, or hold up to repeated handling, we definitely recommend using wool felt.

Wool felt is more expensive than craft felt, but it’s very soft and durable. It also has a nicer looking texture than synthetic felt, which will give your alphabet letters a higher quality look.

Holding a stuffed letter A made from green feltHolding a stuffed letter A made from green felt

What can I do with these stuffed alphabet letters?

This stuffed alphabet is quite versatile! The letters are a great educational toy, but they also look beautiful on display. Here are a few ways to use these felt letters:

  • Soft toy
  • Learning tool for letter recognition
  • Shelf decoration
  • Spell out a greeting or holiday message
  • Door decoration
  • Nursery sign
  • Bed decoration/pillow
  • Wall banner
  • Gift topper

How do I sew these felt letters?

We hand stitched our felt letters using a blanket stitch. You can also use a running stitch or a whip stitch.

Or you can even use a sewing machine to sew felt, though this works better with thicker wool felt. Use a straight stitch and take your time going around the rounded corners.

Using a sewing machine is a lot faster, but it may be more difficult to get neat stitches in small areas.

Felt letters spelling words and names for learning play and letter recognitionFelt letters spelling words and names for learning play and letter recognition

Can these felt alphabet letters be washed?

The best option to clean your stuffed alphabet letter is surface cleaning with a mild detergent. Dab rather than rub, to avoid pilling the felt.

The next best option is hand washing with warm (not hot) water. Gently squeeze the water out as best you can.

In a pinch you can throw the letters in the washing machine if they’re really soiled. Place them in a laundry bag and wash them on the delicate cycle with cool water.

Whichever method you choose to wash the letters, make sure you let them air dry. Heat from the dryer will shrink and ruin the felt.

DIY felt alphabet lettersDIY felt alphabet letters

These felt letters make beautiful decorations, and they’re also a great soft toy for pretend play. Stitch one of these soft and squishy felt letters together in your favourite colours. You can use bright colours of felt to draw younger kids in, or match the colour scheme to your room decor!

Free pattern for felt ABC lettersFree pattern for felt ABC letters

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