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Fairy Soup Sensory Play Activity

fairy soup sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers
With this Fairy Soup Activity, toddlers and preschoolers can make concoctions with items from the garden, and strengthen co-ordination skills, snipping, pouring and stirring, while enjoying an afternoon of water play in the backyard. 

This week, keeping with our fairy theme, we headed out to garden for one of my kids’ favourite backyard activities: Fairy Soup!

Making fairy soup is a great way for kids to enjoy some water and play with flowers and other treasures from the garden and strengthening their cutting skills.

fairy soup sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers

You’ll Need:

supplies for fairy soupsupplies for fairy soup

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Extra “ingredients”:

extra ingredients for fairy soupextra ingredients for fairy soup

Making Fairy Soup!

making fairy soup in the gardenmaking fairy soup in the garden

I filled up a large stock pot with water, added some food colouring, set it on the table and called the girls over.

They went for the glitter first.  I kind of thought they would.


If you know me at all, you know that the hooligans are a little glitter deprived.  I’m a total glitterphobe, but after the success that we had using it in our fairy mud last week, I was happy to bring it out again today.  I’m really making progress, aren’t I?  Mind you, it helps that we’re outside. Maybe one day we’ll graduate to using it inside.


They spent the next hour or so adding the shells and stones, and collecting flowers from the garden.

Our rose bushes are in full bloom right now, so the blossoms are plentiful, and they were really fun to pull apart and decorate the soup with.

adding roses to the fairy soupadding roses to the fairy soup
snipping flowers into the fairy soupsnipping flowers into the fairy soup
pouring and scooping fairy souppouring and scooping fairy soup

They scooped and poured and transferred their soup from the pot into the bowls and back into the pot again.


The glitter shakers were quickly emptied, so the girls would pop the lids off, fill them with soup, and sprinkle the coloured water into the bowls.


They spent ages adding ingredients, stirring and then scooping out handfuls of shells and stones for sorting.


We ended up colouring a couple more batches of water before the morning was over, and when it was all said and done, we removed all of the shells and stones from the bowls, and we poured it all into the garden.

fairy soup - fine motor, sensory play in the garden (happyhooligansfairy soup - fine motor, sensory play in the garden (happyhooligans

Easy, inexpensive, engaging and fun!  It was the perfect activity for a warm summer’s day

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