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Easy T Shirt Tote Bag

t shirt into tote bag

Learn to transform an old tee into a stylish, no-sew t shirt tote bag with our easy DIY tutorial. This craft is perfect for beginners!

Skills Required: None. You just need to know how to use scissors for this project. No sewing required.

t shirt into tote bag

Imagine transforming an old, forgotten t-shirt at the back of your drawer into a trendy tote bag that’s perfect for carrying your essentials around town. Sounds fun, right?

Even better, the craft I’m talking about is very simple, with absolutely no sewing required! That’s what we’re diving into today with our super easy t-shirt tote bag tutorial.

Because why toss out a perfectly good shirt when you can repurpose it into something stylish and functional? With a few household items and some imagination, you can create a personalized t-shirt reusable shopping bag. No only is it eco-friendly, but also a statement piece.

Whether you’re running errands, picking up a few groceries, or just need a handy bag for your daily adventures, this cute craft is your perfect companion.

To kick things off, you’ll need an old t-shirt – perhaps one that brings back memories but you no longer wear. I promise this process is so straightforward and fun that you might find yourself digging through your wardrobe for more shirts to transform.

t shirt tote bag

Here’s a sneak peek of how simple this is: You’ll start by flipping your chosen shirt inside out and giving it a good smooth on your work surface. With the aid of a pen and maybe a round object like a bowl for guidance, you’ll outline where to cut.

With some strategic cuts and simple knots at the bottom, your shirt begins to take on a new life as a tote bag. You’ll finish off by adding a personal touch with iron-on letters, making the bag uniquely yours.

This project isn’t just about crafting; it’s about making a small, sustainable choice. By reusing materials, you’re taking a step towards reducing waste and adding a bit of flair to your eco-conscious lifestyle. So why not give it a try?

Follow along as we walk you through each step of creating your very own t-shirt tote bag. Remember, this isn’t just a craft; it’s a fun way to make a difference – one stylish, reusable tote at a time.

Gather These Supplies

  • Old t-shirt – use an adult size
  • Ink pen
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Iron on letters
  • Iron

Tips and Thoughts for This Project

There are all sorts of things you can make from t-shirts including yarn, headbands, pouches, and more. Don’t toss your excess t-shirt material after making this bag; hit the internet and try another idea to use up the smaller scraps!

Iron phrases onto the bag that really motivate you! If you’re going to use your bag for school, use quotes like “be open to the world,” “rest but don’t quit,” or “strong minds discuss ideas.” Choose something that speaks to you and brings you joy.

t shirt reusable shopping bag

Get the printable how to card below:

Prep Time
10 minutes

Active Time
45 minutes

Total Time
55 minutes


Estimated Cost


  • Old t-shirt
  • Ink pen
  • Iron on letters (optional)


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Iron (optional)

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