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Home » Easy Snowman Face Ornament from a Clear Plastic Ball

Easy Snowman Face Ornament from a Clear Plastic Ball

Snowman Face Ornaments made with Clear Plastic Christmas Balls

Turn a clear plastic ornament into an adorable snowman face! This Easy Snowman Ornament will win the hearts of everyone. Great for home or preschool, or as a fun activity at a Christmas party.

I am in LOVE with our latest clear ornament craft. We’ve used some simple materials to turn our clear ornament into a snowman. He’s adorable with his little carrot nose and his big googly eyes, and he looks so sweet hanging on our Christmas tree.

We’ve made all kinds of snowman crafts in my daycare over the years, but I think these might be the easiest snowmen we’ve made yet.

Easy enough for preschoolers

This little snowman is perfect for the preschool age group because it’s so simple to make, but when my older hooligans saw the supplies, they wanted to make some too, so they’ll be showing you how it’s done today.

If you have a 2-5 year old at home, this would be a terrific craft to make for the Christmas tree or to give as a little gift.  It would also be fun as a group activity for a winter party.

I love these clear balls for crafting with the kids.  You can fill them with almost anything.

In the past, we’ve filled them with artificial flowers to make garden ornaments, we’ve poured paint into them to make these gorgeous swirled ornaments and we’ve filled them with rice and tiny treasures to make I Spy Ornaments.

Little ones love the process of filling these ornaments with goodies.

4 snowman ornaments made with clear glass balls

4 snowman ornaments made with clear glass balls

Recently, I spotted this adorable “snowman’s belly” ornament over at The Joys of Boys, which gave me an idea, so I dug out our plastic balls and decided we’d use cotton balls as our filler.

As cute as those little snowman bellies were, I thought the my guys would get a bigger kick out of making snowman faces.

We’ll show you how we did it!

To make our Snowman Ornament, you’ll need:

clear balls, googly eyes, cotton balls, coloured felt, orange foam

clear balls, googly eyes, cotton balls, coloured felt, orange foam

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Making our snowman ornament:

Each hooligan started out with a clear plastic ornament, and a big pile of fluffy, white cotton balls.  I know touching cotton balls gives some people the heeby-jeebies but thankfully it doesn’t happen to anyone here.  The kids love exploring cotton balls; stretching them apart and fluffing them up, so we often use cotton balls for crafting.

2 girls stuffing ornaments with cotton balls2 girls stuffing ornaments with cotton balls
The children took the tops off their ornaments, and one by one, they stuffed the cotton balls in until they were full.

Filling clear plastic ornament with cotton ballsFilling clear plastic ornament with cotton balls

If your child has trouble pushing the cotton ball into the ornament, have them push it in with a pencil or the handle of a paintbrush.

Kids holding clear plastic baubles stuffed with cotton ballsKids holding clear plastic baubles stuffed with cotton balls

When the ornaments were completely filled, they popped the tops back on.

Then they began decorating their snowman faces.

Glue gun, googly eye, ornamentGlue gun, googly eye, ornament

You can use regular school glue for this but we used our low-heat glue guns because A) the glue dries instantly, and B) the hooligans love using our glue guns.

They start using them here at about 3 years of age.

We always keep a bowl of cold water nearby in case they accidentally touch the glue.  The water cools the glue quickly but in reality, the glue from a low-heat glue gun isn’t hot enough to actually cause a burn.

Here’s a post I wrote about introducing your child to a low-heat glue gun .

Child gluing purple scarf to snowmanChild gluing purple scarf to snowman

Here, our (just-turned) 5 year old, uses her glue gun like a pro.

Child cutting purple feltChild cutting purple felt

Child holding up finished snowman ornament with purple scarfChild holding up finished snowman ornament with purple scarf

They cut “carrot noses” from a piece of orange craft foam, and they made their snowmen’s scarves from strips of colourful felt.

Child holding finished snowman ornamentChild holding finished snowman ornament

And for the mouth, I punched holes in a piece of black paper, and the hooligans glued the little dots on to finish their snowman’s face.

Aren’t they adorable?

Girl holding out finished snowman ornament with blue scarfGirl holding out finished snowman ornament with blue scarf

The final step was to attach a thread to hang the ornaments with.

As luck would have it, I had 4 rolls of colourful elasticized thread that matched some of the colours that the girls used for their snowmen’s scarves. We looped length of thread through top of each ornament, and secured it with a knot.


Perfect! Another adorable, kid-made ornament for the Christmas tree!

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