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Easy Macrame Rainbow Tutorial

Handmade Macrame Rainbow Materials

Looking for a new craft project? If you are, this wonderful idea by ‘Handmade by Junesse’ is for you. Isn’t this rainbow adorable? You can hang it on your bag or use it as a decoration anywhere at home. It is super easy and fun to make. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about macramé, as you won’t be doing complicated knots for this project.

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You can make them in different colors and customize them however you like. To make it even more personalized, you can use bead letters to add the owner’s name. They make great gifts to friends and family.

Do you sell your crafts? You can earn money with these little handmade crafts by selling them online or at art fairs. I am sure a lot of people will love them!

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Handmade Macrame Rainbow Materials

  • 6 mm braided cotton cord
  • yarn
  • macrame yarn sewing needle
  • wooden bead
  • scissors

How to Make Macrame Rainbow

Step 1:

Get the braided cord. Measure 9″ and cut. Make 4.

Step 2:

Get one of the cords and your preferred yarn color. Lay the end of the yarn along with the cord then wrap it around until the other end. Make sure not to cover the end parts of the cord. Thread the end of the yarn to the sewing needle, then insert into the previous loops. Cut the excess.

Handmade Macrame Rainbow Materials
Image by Handmade by Junesse via YouTube

Step 3:

Repeat with the remaining cords but in different colors. Make sure to check the length of the cord that you need to cover by forming them into a rainbow just like in the photo below.

Step 4:

Glue the cords together forming a rainbow. Trim the cords so they have the same lengths.

Step 5:

Comb the ends of the cord to separate the threads. Trim the ends.

How to Make Macrame RainbowHow to Make Macrame Rainbow
Image by Handmade by Junesse via YouTube

Step 6:

Thread a yarn between the first two colors then insert the beads.

Easy Macrame Rainbow Tutorial