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DIY Wall Calendar + Business Side of Blogging

Photos showing how to make a fabric covered memo board

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Would you like a large wall memo board or bulletin board for your home or office to help you stay organized? Or do you need a family command center and a place to display kid’s artwork, but can’t find the bulletin board size to fit your wall space? Then you will love this project where you will learn how to make a custom size fabric covered bulletin board or memo board without the need of cork or heavy materials.

My blog archives are deep and filled with many easy DIY projects for the home. So many that I even forget about some of them.

Giant Pinboard Style Bulletin Board

Like this DIY Large Wall Memo Board I made for my studioffice in my previous house back in 2013.

I created it to help keep me organized. I couldn’t find a large enough board to fit the space, so I made my own using fabric and sheets of foam insulation that can be purchased at the home improvement store for a few dollars.

How to make a large wall mounted bulletin board on a budget.
DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Alternative

I was reminded of this bulletin board project over the weekend when a reader left me a comment on a post where I made a window valance using foam insulation. She wanted to know if she could make a large bulletin board using the same foam I used to create the window valance.

The answer was YES, she could make a bulletin board out of the foam insulation and that I even made one back in 2013 and posted about it.

I had to dig deep into my archives to find it so I could send her a link to the post.

When I read the post, I realized the contents of the post were dated and no longer useful, but the memo bulletin board making tutorial was not. It was a post worth updating.

Photo showing custom made fabric pin board

In fact, I still use this “memo” board every week. It even made it through the move to the lake house in one piece.

So I can add it to my list of DIY projects that last for years and I would do again.

Craft room decorating and organizing ideas

How to Make a Large Bulletin Board Without Cork

How to make a oversize large memo board for an office.

supplies needed:

  • Sheet foam insulation (home improvement store)
  • Duct tape
  • Fabric – enough to cover the desired size board and wrap around on all sides at least 2- inches.
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Optional: Nail heads or thumbtacks and 3/4″-inch or narrower ribbon. Enough of each to go around the bulletin board.
  • To attach memos: Beaded end straight pins or long push pins

Time needed: 45 minutes

I used three Polystyrene Insulation panels that I got at Lowes to make my memo board. They are sold in the building supply area and are wrapped in clear plastic.  You get 6 pieces that measure – 13” x 48” for about $10.

I made my bulletin board by taping 3 pieces of the foam insulation sheets together and covering them with fabric.

My finished bulletin board size: 39″(w) x 48″ (h)

  1. Cut foam board(s) to height or size needed.

    Measure your wall space to determine how big you can make your bulletin or memo board. Since the foam insulation only comes in cut sizes, you will have to tape pieces of it together to get a large board. Figure out how many boards you will need to get the size you want.

  2. Attach boards together.

    Use a cool melt or hot glue gun on low to attach the boards together side-by-side.

  3. Secure attached foam boards.

    Use duct tape over the just made seams on one side of the bulletin board to secure the sections of foam.

  4. Cover with fabric.

    Lay fabric right side down on work surface. Then center attached foam over fabric. Make sure fabric is straight and then bring excess fabric around to the back of foam and secure with duct tape. Make sure you pull the fabric taut and keep it straight as you work.

  5. Add decorative trim.

    This step is optional. Use nailheads or thumbtacks to secure ribbon around the edge of the bulletin board.

  6. Hang

    The board will be very light. Command Brand Picture Hanging Strips will help to hang the bulletin board.

    You can also hammer in a thin, long nail or bank pin into each corner to help secure the board to the wall.

How to Hang a Bulletin Board

white painted custom work table in home craft roomtable

The foam insulation is so lightweight that I hung up my memo board with bank pins. 

The calendar pages shown on the board in the first photo in this post were cut from a wall calendar. I laminated each with self-laminating sheets that I bought at Walmart so that I could write on them with dry erase markers.

What Kind Of Fabric To Use For a Bulletin Board

The best type of fabric to use when making a memo or bulletin board is fabric that has a visual weave to it. It hides any pin holes made by the push-pins or thumbtacks used. Cotton duck cloth and most home decorating fabric will work. What you don’t want to use is fine silks that will show every pin hole made.

What’s The Difference Between a Bulletin Board and a Memo Board?

Throughout this post I called my board both a bulletin board and a memo board. But there is a difference.

A memo board is usually for one individual that is placed in a desk area, whereas a bulletin board is usually placed somewhere for everyone to look at, for instance a family command center.

Now that I know the difference, I can go forth calling my board, a memo board since it is just for me.

Do you have a decorative memo board or bulletin board in your home of office?

Home office photos showing DIY fabric covered bulletin board on wall.
DIY Wall Calendar and Planner Pin Board

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