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DIY Unicorn Party Balloons | Make It & Love It

DIY Unicorn Party Balloons | Make It & Love It

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March 10, 2017 – By Ashley Johnston 11 Comments

Oh my.  My baby girl has turned 6!!!  And oh what fun plans we had to celebrate…..all of which were canceled because of some nasty sicknesses around our house!  Each day we woke up, another one of us fell sick with Strep and/or Flu B.  Man, that stuff is nasty!  (And for the record, the 2 of us who had the flu shot, didn’t get the flu.  The other 4 of us who didn’t get the shot, we all got Flu B.  Awful stuff!) But we’re all finally feeling better……yay!!

In the meantime, I guess I can actually finish a few things for a Unicorn Party that we were planning on throwing for Chloe, but then had to cancel because we were all in bed on the day of her scheduled party.  Poor girl… many tears fell that day, once she realized no one was coming over! 🙁

Once Chloe told me she wanted a Unicorn Party, I began looking for unicorn supplies to use, and you know…..there isn’t much. Well, I did find a few things online but holy smokes, they were so incredibly overpriced, I just couldn’t do it.  So, I started coming up with simple unicorn solutions that were cute, but also inexpensive!  So, I’m excited to share a few things that I’ve come up with to use at Chloe’s 6th birthday party, that we had to reschedule for a couple weeks from now.  (But hey….that just gives me more time to make a few more cute things!)

First up….these cute DIY Unicorn Party Balloons!  (That I actually saw for purchase online….and just re-created!)


These balloons can be used for decor or just as a party craft that your party guests can take home with them!


You can make a few…..or hundreds!  They really are so much fun!

(And excuse these blurry pictures.  We had the worst lighting the day I took these!)


And just so you can see what it looks like to add a few unicorns to the decor.  (Though they probably won’t stay there.  I have a few other plans for that wall!)


This sweet birthday girl.  She wasn’t feeling the best the day I took these….but she was so excited about unicorns and party favors and everything party related, that she insisted on holding them and taking a few pictures with them!


Buying a few unicorn party decor pieces would have made things a lot easier, but nope there just wasn’t much to choose from.  So, I’m happy to say, this very inexpensive alternative worked GREAT!!!


Now, we just need to change the date on her invitation and re-send them out to her little friends! 🙂


Want to make some Unicorn Party balloons too?!?!


SUPPLIES for Unicorn Party Balloons:

  • Latex balloons, any color
  • Balloon Stick Holders (I bought mine at a local craft store……but I found them even cheaper HERE)
  • Gold foil tablecloth, cut into small squares (used for the hair)
  • double-sided tape
  • Unicorn Face Template, found HERE
  • Unicorn Horn Template, found HERE


First, gather up your supplies.


Then, cut your foil squares into strips, leaving about 1/2 inch along the top uncut (to keep all the fringes together).


Use your double-sided tape to attach the hair near the top of the balloon.  Repeat with another layer of fringe, the same size.


To help the fringes look a little more like tousled hair…..scrunch it up a bit with your fingers.


Next, print out your face pieces (using the template from the supply list) onto white paper and trace the rosy cheek circles onto pink paper.  And when cutting out the eye, leave a white border around it.  (Also, I printed on card stock originally but think I’ll use regular weight paper next time, so it’s not as heavy.)


Use your double-sided tape and attach the nose and main face piece to the front of the balloon, slightly under the bottom edge of the hair fringe.


Fold the bottom tab of each ear under and attach some tape under each flap.  Attach the ears, as well as the rest of the face piece, directly to the balloon with your double sided tape.


Cut out the unicorn horn and roll it up into a horn shape.


Overlap the edges and use double sided tape to secure it closed.


Then, cut a 1/2 inch strip of paper and fold the ends down.


Slide the folded paper inside the open end of the horn, to create a base for taping.  Tape the ends to the inside edge of the horn, to hold it in place.


Add double sided tape to the bottom of the horn and attach it to the top of the balloon.  (It actually sticks better to the gold foil… give that a try!)

***Oh, and one other tip—-if your balloon is flopping over a bit and not standing straight up on the stick, tighten up the tail of the balloon and wrap it around the base of the stick a few more times.  Also, adding a piece of tape to help hold it in place helped too.


And that’s it!  Now, repeat using different colored balloons!


And enjoy!