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DIY Tea Light Planets

Light Up Planets Materials

If you love space, this simple and quick project is for you! Aren’t these beautiful? These DIY tea light planets by @celenakinsey on TikTok give that outer world feeling when turned on. The abstract colors definitely capture that colorful universe that we have all been dreaming of. The fun thing about this project is that you can make it in any color you like and be as creative as you want.

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Would you believe that it is just made from ping pong balls? Yes! The balls are just colored with acrylic paints and then inserted into battery-operated tea lights. If you have kids or grandkids, you can let them join you for this project. I am sure they will have so much fun.

Place them on your bedside table, and you have a beautiful decor piece you can stare at before going to sleep.

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Light Up Planets Materials

  • ping pong balls
  • battery-operated tea lights
  • blade or knife
  • paint
  • tray or flat container

How to Make DIY Tea Light Planets

Step 1:

Using a blade or knife, make a small hole on a ping pong ball. It should be big enough for the top part of the tea lights.

Light Up Planets Materials
Image by celenakinsey via TikTok

Step 2:

Get a tray and drizzle some paint colors. Choose your preferred color combinations. Make sure not to put big blotches of paint.

Step 3:

Place your ping pong ball and tilt the container to paint them. This method will help create abstract designs on your ping pong ball. Let it dry completely.

How to Make DIY Tea Light PlanetsHow to Make DIY Tea Light Planets
Image by celenakinsey via TikTok

Step 4:

Place the ping pong ball on top of the tea light. Turn the light on.