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DIY Step Stools to Help You Get a Step Up!

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25+ DIY Step Stools

Get to those hard to reach places by creating one of these DIY step stools. There are some ideas for building from scratch and some for giving an old step stool a fresh makeover.

25+ DIY Step Stools

Are you ready to get creative and build something that’s both fun and practical? Whether you have little ones who need a boost to reach the sink or you’re simply looking for a way to grab those items on the top shelf, a DIY step stool is a perfect solution.

I’m sure you can picture it. You’re in your kitchen, trying to reach that over-the-fridge cabinet that’s just out of reach. Or maybe it’s your little one, standing on tiptoes, trying to brush their teeth in the bathroom

Or perhaps your furry friend is giving you those puppy eyes, wishing they could hop up on the bed for a cuddle. Whatever the case, a handy little boost is a great addition to any home!

I’ve always loved step stools, not just for their practicality but for the creative potential they offer. Over the years, I’ve given quite a few step stools a makeover and even built a couple from scratch. One of my favorites is a step stool that flips over to become a kid’s chair – talk about multifunctional!

At 5’6″, I often find myself needing a little extra height to reach the upper shelves in my kitchen cabinets or to change the smoke detector batteries. I bet you’ve found yourself in similar situations.

That’s why I’ve put together this collection of over 20 DIY step stools for you to try. These projects range from building a step stool from scratch using detailed plans to giving an old piece a fresh new look.

The first few projects come with free step stool plans or easy-to-follow tutorials to help you build your own. The rest of the projects focus on makeovers, taking existing step stools and transforming them into something new and exciting. So, grab your wood glue, and let’s get started!

Scroll down, get inspired, and find the perfect project to suit your needs. Whether you’re building for function, fun, or a bit of both, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. Happy DIY-ing!

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