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DIY Plant Stands: 25+ Creative Ideas with Free Plans

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diy creative plant stands with free plans

Looking for ways to display your plants or raise them up off your floor? Get some really creative ideas with this list of over 25 DIY plant stands all with free tutorials or build plans!

diy creative plant stands with free plans

If you have a plant, you may need a plant stand for inside or outside. It doesn’t matter if you have one plant or many (can you say “plant lady”?).

Stores and online offer many options, but they may not fit your plants’ size or display preferences. Making your own is usually less expensive and allows you to get exactly what you want in the size you want.

Why should you use a plant stand? There are numerous reasons you should use them, in addition to looking nice in your home decor:

Lower the risk of damage to your floors or furniture.

Placing your plants on your floor, window sill, or furniture isn’t ideal. There is too much of a risk of water damage to the wood when you water your plants. Ask me how I know! 😮

Give your plants access to light.

A stand gives your plant some added height which will bring it closer to outdoor light from your windows.

Make your plants mobile.

If you create a DIY plant stand with wheels, it will make it easier to move around. This is helpful if your plants are really heavy and you like to bring them to a sink for watering.

Utilize vertical space.

Multi-tier stands allow you to display more than one plant in a small footprint and still give each one some space.

Are you ready to start thinking about what exactly you want to create? I’ve gathered over 25 easy DIY plant stand ideas to inspire you.

Just scroll down to see all of the creative projects, then click through to get the free tutorial or build plans to make your own!

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