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DIY Mini Planters for Your Tiny Succulent Garden

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diy small planters

Make these easy mini planters – the small size makes them perfect for filling with cacti or succulents to decorate your house or give to friends!

Skills Required: Beginner. You can accomplish this project even if you don’t have much crafting experience. You’ll be using a hot glue gun and acrylic craft paint.

diy small planters

Have you ever looked around your home and thought, “You know what this place needs? More greenery!” But not just any greenery—something small, manageable, and oh-so-cute.

If that sounds like you, then buckle up, because I’ve got the perfect project that’s not only going to tickle your craft fancy but also adds that much-needed pop of life to your living space.

I’m excited to share these DIY mini planters, where the small size doesn’t limit their charm but instead amplifies it, making them the perfect abode for your cacti or succulent buddies.

This project is designed for beginners, requiring more enthusiasm than experience. You’ll be wielding a hot glue gun and dabbling in some acrylic paint, but the real joy comes from seeing these mini creations come to life—a bit like plant parenthood, but with less watering involved.

DIY Mini Planters

We’re going to take dollar-store finds (yes, I’m talking about the mini terracotta pots or even those adorable mini buckets you’ve seen but never knew what to do with) and give them a makeover that would make any succulent swoon.

With a bit of jute or twine, some strategic glue gun action, and a dash of paint, you’ll transform a tiny vessel into something that looks like it walked straight out of a chic boho boutique.

The twine creates a textured, earthy vibe that screams “I’m crafty and environmentally conscious.” You’ll also have fun painting your design – be it minimalist black triangles for that edgy look or something more colorful and whimsical.

And when you’re done? These DIY small planters make for the most thoughtful, homemade gifts. Whether it’s for a housewarming, a birthday, or just because, gifting one of these beauties says, “I made this, thinking of you and your love for tiny green things.”

cactus planters ideas

Whether you’re looking to expand your indoor garden or searching for that perfect, personalized gift, this tutorial is your first step towards creating something truly special. Let’s bring some life into our homes, one mini planter at a time. Let the crafting begin!

Gather These Supplies

  • Clay pots or mini buckets from Dollar Tree
  • Rope/twine
  • Craft paint – regular or multisurface
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Painter’s tape
  • Scissors

Tips and Thoughts On This Project

NOTE: Unglazed or unsealed terracotta will draw moisture from the plant and soil, keeping the pot itself moist. Extra moisture may affect the external decoration by causing paint to blister, and glue to fall apart and mold.

In a nutshell? If you’re not using succulents in your pots, which need very little water, YOU NEED TO SEAL THE INSIDE OF THE POT.

You’re going to carefully seal the INSIDE with a water based acrylic sealer. Spray or brush seal the inside of the pot with a couple coats.  Allow each application to dry before applying the next.

For paint – I opted to paint black triangles for a minimalist, boho look. You can definitely freehand them, but I wanted crisp, straight lines so I used painter’s tape to outline my design.

diy mini plant pots

Get the printable how to for this project below:

Prep Time
15 minutes

Active Time
45 minutes

Dry Time
30 minutes

Total Time
1 hour 30 minutes


Estimated Cost


  • Clay pots or mini buckets from Dollar Tree
  • Rope/twine
  • Craft paint – regular or multisurface
  • Painter’s tape


  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors

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