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DIY Laser Cut New Year’s Eve Party Decor & Photo Booth Props

glittery disco ball swizzle stick in a wine glass

Learn how to make glittery New Year’s Eve party decorations using the xTool M1 Smart Laser Engraver and Vinyl Cutter. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make custom glass markers, swizzle sticks and New Year’s Eve photo booth props with the diode laser.

Whether you’re celebrating with a big party or on the couch in your pajamas, you need some festive decorations to ring in the New Year!

champagne glasses and novelty glittered eyeglasses for New Year's Eve

I made these golden New Year’s themed swizzle sticks, drink tags and photo booth glasses from basswood using my new xTool M1 diode laser.

laser cut disco ball swizzle stick in a wine glass

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I’ve been playing around with the xTool M1 and learning all that it can do — laser cutting, engraving and vinyl cutting. I’ll be sharing a full review of the machine soon. But I just had to share this quick New Year’s Eve craft.

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To make these New Year’s Eve party decorations, you will need:

I purchased the laser cutting files for this project from three different etsy sellers. You can find the exact SVG files I used below:


This was a super simple project to make with the xTool M1; it’s great for beginners.

I imported the purchased SVG files into xTool Creative Space and laid them out so they would fit on the 3mm basswood sheets I had. (You could also use acrylic sheets for the drink stirrers and markers.)

xTool creative space showing a New Year's eve photo booth party eyeglasses on a computer screen

I was able to fit three pair of the New Year’s Eve novelty eyeglasses on a single basswood sheet. I cut the glass markers and drink stirrers on a scrap sheet of plywood leftover from another project.

I used the traingular prism to raise the basswood off the laser bed and used the recommended cut settings within Creative Space.

The eyeglasses took about 20 minutes to laser cut. The drink stirrers and markers were ready in just a few minutes.

cutting out novelty eyeglasses with an xTool M1

Since I haven’t used the xTool M1 a lot, I wasn’t sure about placing the eyeglasses so close together. But the laser had no issues cutting them.

I didn’t use Air Assist for this project, but I did have the M1 hooked up to the xTool Smoke Purifier since it was cold outside and I was working in my garage. This meant I didn’t have to vent the laser out a door or window.

laser cut wooden new year's eve novelty eyeglasses

Because I didn’t use Air Assist, there was some minor scorching to the wood, but I wasn’t concerned about it since I planned to paint and glitter the novelty glasses.

laser cut wooden swizzle sticks and drink markers

There was also some scorching on the swizzle sticks and glass markers, but it didn’t really bother me.

wooden drinker stirrers and glass markers with masking tape on them

Because I didn’t want to paint any part of the swizzle sticks or glass markers that might come into contact with drinks, I masked off those portions before spraying them.

gold spray painted drink stirrers and glass markers

Be careful when removing the tape, as there are some thin wooden pieces that can break.

I also spray painted the novelty glasses. You could just paint them and call the project done. But I always have to add a little extra sparkle.

glittered novelty eyeglasses for New Year's Eve

I didn’t glitter the glass markers because they’re so small. But the eyeglasses and drink stirrers got the glitter treatment.

glittered novelty eyeglasses with wine glasses

I used spray adhesive and various colors of glitter to decorate the New Year’s Eve party props.

woman's hand holding bottle of tacky glue spray

I did use tape to mask off the part of the temple that attaches to the eyeglasses frame to make them easier to assemble. I only glittered the outside of the frames and temples, but they are painted on both sides.

wooden novelty eyeglasses on a paper plate to be glittered

These turned out so festive!

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champagne glasses, bottle of champagne and glittery New Year's Eve novelty eyeglasses