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DIY Flower Tealight | Flower Decorated Tea Light Candle

Beautiful glowing flower tealight made with plastic spoons and petals

Have fun making a DIY flower tealight! Use faux flower petals and recycled plastic spoons to create these beautiful flower tea lights.

Transform a flameless tealight candle into stylish home decor. These flower tea light candles glow and flicker so beautifully, and they make great homemade decorations for parties or weddings!

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How to Make a Flower Tealight

Have fun making a flower tealight candle! This DIY craft is perfect for spring and summer decor.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Prepare the flower and spoons

  • Cut and/or pull your faux flower apart. You’ll need 4 smaller petals and at least 8 larger petals, but it’s better to cut a few extra.Cut off a few pieces of greenery as well.
  • Cut the handles off of 4 plastic spoons. Recycle the handles and keep the rounded spoon parts.(Read below the tutorial if you need help cutting the spoons.)

Step 3: Attach the spoons to the candle

Step 4: Glue petals around the candle

Step 5: Glue greenery to the tealight (optional)

Helpful Tips:

  1. Make sure your spoons are glued at the right angle and hold them in place until the glue is dry. They can shift position easily if you don’t hold them.
  2. Test your battery operated tealight candle and make sure it glows brightly before gluing all the petals to it!
  3. You can also buy flower petals already separated and ready to use.

Craft supplies to make a flower covered tea light candle

What type of flower is best for making a flower tealight?

A flower with many layers and curved petals is definitely recommended for making a flower tealight. We bought our silk peonies at the dollar store. Roses or tulips would also work well.

We found the candlelight shone better through lighter coloured flowers, so keep that in mind when you choose your blooms.

Flower covered candles lit up and glowing in a dark room

Do I have to use plastic spoons to make my flower tea lights?

We do recommend adding the plastic spoons around the tealight candle. It gives the flower height and helps to create the bud shape.

Try to use clear spoons if you can find them, but white spoons will also work — you just won’t get quite as much light coming through.

What’s the best way to cut the plastic spoon to make these flower tealight candles?

Cheaper, thinner spoons should be easily cut by sharp scissors. If your plastic spoon is better quality it probably won’t cut as easily. To remove the handle from more sturdy spoons, you either need to use a saw or heat the plastic to make it more malleable.

To heat the spoon, hold a heat gun or blow dryer several inches away from it. Do this for 10 – 20 seconds at a time and then try to cut the spoon. You’ll need to test the amount of heat needed to cut the spoon cleanly.

Supplies set out for making DIY flower tealight candles

Do I have to use hot glue to make a flower tealight?

We do recommend using a glue gun to make your flower tealight, at least for attaching the spoons. Even with hot glue you have to hold the spoons in place, making sure they stay attached to the candle. Tacky glue would also work, but you’d have to hold them up for even longer.

If you’d like to switch glues for attaching the petals you could use tacky glue or glue dots.

DIY flower tea light candle

Use dollar store supplies to make these pretty flower tealights! These petal covered tea light candles shine beautifully without the danger of real candles.

These pink and white flowers look great for spring or summer, but you can choose different colours or types of flowers to decorate for fall or Christmas as well!

Glue flower petals to a battery operated tealight candle

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