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DIY Flower Candle Holders – Domestically Blissful

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DIY Wood Bead Candle Holder

Aren’t these DIY Flower Candle Holders absolutely adorable?

They would be so fun for a summer dinner party or even a birthday party!

Originally I had planned to add bleach to the water, to help the flowers last longer than a couple of days, but I was too nervous to bring bleach anywhere near the marble counters.

We’ve had marble in our last 2 houses and plan to have it again in the house we are building (we love it!), and while I don’t mind etching from normal use, I wasn’t going to take a chance of any potential bleach spillage since these aren’t our counters.

Alternatively, I also considered the baby oil trick (baby oil instead of water – I’ve also heard of people using olive oil) to preserve the flowers.

I’ve read that this baby oil method can help the flowers last up to a year (I’ve also read that for some the color of the flowers only lasted a week), but since I wasn’t putting a secure lid on top, just a candle, I decided to stick with water.

Especially since I already have other plans for these vases so I was ok with them only lasting a couple of days.

What’s your favorite method for preserving flowers inside vases?

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