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DIY Anthropologie Bottle Brush Tree Candle

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DIY Anthropologie Bottle Brush Tree Candle

Anthropologie has a fun bottle brush tree candle this year.  I noticed it last month but even with sales it was a little pricey.  I was thinking this would be so simple to just DIY at home and I knew my teenager would have a lot of fun with this craft. (And as of today the candles are actually sold out.). This is the Anthropologie version:

This only takes a few supplies and it is a very simple craft.  Something older kids can make for their friends this year or you can give as a neighbor gift or whatever since I don’t think many people are doing homemade food items this year.

This looks so pretty in person.  I am really happy with how it turned out.


Start with your favorite candle- you probably want to peel off the label.  These candles from Target came with labels that peeled off really easily.

Next you want to glue your bottle brush tree to the lid of the candle.  We just glued the base of the trees to the candle, but you can also clip the bottom of your trees and glue the tree bottom directly to the candle.  This might make the trees a little more stable as the base of the bottle brush trees is pretty flimsy.  We used hot glue for this but I am sure a spray glue or super glue would also work.

Next apply a thin coat of glue around the lid of the candle in sections as hot glue dries very quickly and sprinkle your epsom sale and faux snow.  We tried to leave a circle around the lid of the candle without snow but you can sprinkle the snow all the way to the edges if you prefer.  I like the mixture of epsom salt and faux snow because epsom salt looks a little more realistic but if you don’t have any on hand the faux snow works just fine by itself.  We did notice the epsom salt disintegrated a little from the hot glue.

Once you have the snow in place you can leave the trees as is or add a little extra glue and sprinkle snow on top.

I happened to have a little mini deer on hand from prior Christmas crafts (see here and see here) and included him.

I think this looks pretty on any color candle although the white might be my favorite.  I did look for colorful bottle brush trees and didn’t see them- those would be fun if you have alternate color schemes for Christmas like neutral whites or pinks etc…  I think this could be so pretty on a purple candle in a Sugar Plum Fairy design like this.   

Also one last note.  The green candle is a Bath and Body Works candle that comes with a shiny silver lid.  I didn’t like how shiny it was so I spray painted the lid with gold spray paint first.

This is a fast and inexpensive project and I think it turned out really cute.  If you want your candle to look exactly like the Anthro ones, they are selling the bottle brush trees it looks like they used on the candles.