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Home » Disney Princess Perler Beads (30+ Patterns)

Disney Princess Perler Beads (30+ Patterns)

Disney princess perler beads

Get over 30 free Disney princess perler bead patterns that inspire courage, kindness, and resilience in every colorful creation.

Disney princess perler beads

Welcome to a world where tiny beads and big dreams collide! Today, we’re not just crafting; we’re embarking on a journey into the heart of courage, kindness, and resilience with our Disney princess perler bead patterns.

Yes, you heard that right—over 30 free patterns are waiting to bring some royal flair to your crafting sessions. But it’s not just about creating pretty patterns; it’s about the powerful lessons these iconic figures embody.

Disney princesses have always been more than just characters in a story; they are embodiments of qualities we admire and aspire to.

Consider the bravery of Mulan, who teaches us about the strength in stepping up and fighting for what’s right, or Belle’s compassion and unyielding quest for knowledge.

These princesses are not just about the crowns and the gowns; they are about character, challenges, and choices—values that resonate deeply, especially with young minds.

disney princess hama beads

Crafting these princess perler beads is an opportunity to discuss these virtues with kids. Each princess represents unique traits that inspire: Cinderella’s unwavering hope, Ariel’s curiosity, and Tiana’s determination.

This isn’t just a crafting session; it’s a doorway to discussions about the traits that help these characters overcome obstacles and thrive. What better way to bond and learn than through the shared act of creating something beautiful and meaningful?

These perler bead patterns offer a tangible way to bring these lessons into your home. They’re perfect for decorating a room, adorning a backpack, or even giving as gifts that carry a message of strength and spirit.

So, why not let your creativity lead the way? Let these Disney princesses inspire you not only to make art but to make a difference. Let’s create and celebrate the princess power that lies within all of us!

If you need a refresher on how to iron perler beads, visit our guide here.

Disney Princess Hama Beads

Make sure to check out these notes:

A few of these patterns are larger than a 29 x 29 pegboard, so you’ll either need a extra large pegboard (49 x 69 tall) or to put four square pegboards together (or two depending on how wide the pattern is).

Some of the backgrounds below aren’t white – that’s simply to give contrast to the pattern so you can see where all the white beads should go.

I start with the smaller patterns and then move into the larger patterns organized in alphabetical order by princess.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Ariel

Aurora Sleeping Beauty and Ariel

Belle and Esmerelda

Belle and Esmerelda

Elsa and Tiana

Elsa and Tiana

Tinkerbell and Mulan

Tinkerbell and Mulan

Cinderella and Snow White

Cinderella and Snow White

Merida and Jasmine

Merida and Jasmine

Rapunzel and Pocahontas

Rapunzel and Pocahontas

Princess Coasters

We love perler bead coasters! Here are six that are princess themed.

Pink Castle

This pattern uses 390 white, 69 salmon, 65 blush, 238 light pink, and 42 gray beads.

pink castle

Anna from Frozen

Uses 83 light brown, 14 white, 35 peach, 21 black, 4 blush, 77 cranapple, 32 robin’s egg, 5 honey, and 88 cobalt beads.

standing anna

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Uses 113 tomato, 4 light lavender, 1 yellow, 81 sand, 4 black, 15 grape, 39 light green, and 70 parrot green beads.

standing ariel with fin

Large Ariel with Fin

Uses 13 silver, 89 cherry, 125 red, 95 flesh, 2 pastel blue, 2 white, 4 light blue, 4 blush, 17 purple, 8 light lavender, 61 parrot green, 23 pastel green, and 56 light green beads.

Ariel with fin and crown

Large Ariel with Dress

Uses 33 robin’s egg, 65 red, 117 tomato, 50 cobalt, 63 flesh, 154 pastel blue, 2 white, 6 brush, and 31 dark blue beads.

ariel in a dress

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Uses 8 gold, 98 yellow, 61 pastel yellow, 64 flesh, 2 light blue, 25 white, 4 cobalt, 47 light pink, 267 pink, 42 raspberry, and 79 magenta beads.

standing aurora sleeping beauty

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Uses 62 cocoa, 184 pastel yellow, 54 flesh, 4 black, 2 light blue, and 19 yellow beads.

standing belle

Large Belle

Uses 68 brown, 45 gingerbread, 220 pastel yellow, 80 flesh, 2 white, 6 blush, 122 yellow, and 5 cream beads.

large belle


Uses 49 yellow, 171 light blue, 47 flesh, 4 black, and 67 robin’s egg beads.

standing cinderella

Elsa from Frozen

Uses 68 cream, 10 pastel yellow, 59 flesh, 4 black, 4 blush, 35 robin’s egg, 67 carribean sea, 85 gray, and 29 parrot green beads.

standing elsa

Large Elsa

Uses 39 cream, 65 yellow, 49 pastel yellow, 76 sand, 6 black, 106 white, 8 blush, 1 red, 87 pastel blue, 45 light blue, 30 gray, and 27 dark blue beads.

large standing elsa

Jasmine from Aladdin

Uses 170 black, 30 yellow, 8 turquoise, 148 mint, 107 fawn, 2 white, and 6 flamingo beads.

large standing jasmine

Merida from Brave

Uses 81 spice, 102 orange, 29 brown, 19 black, 78 toasted marshmallow, 2 light blue, 2 white, 6 peach, 4 light blue, 21 yellow, 10 pastel yellow, 287 parrot green, 6 light brown, and 39 dark spruce.

large standing merida


Uses 112 black, 78 tan, 6 brown, 3 white, 4 blush, 1 red, 4 light blue, and 82 butterscotch beads.

medium Pocahontas

Large Pocahontas

Uses 196 black, 132 tan, 11 brown, 3 white, 6 blush, 4 cobalt, 1 light gray, 4 pastel yellow, 2 cranapple, 15 light brown, and 59 honey beads.

standing Pocahontas


Uses 13 gold, 7 pastel yellow, 82 yellow, 59 sand, 4 black, 8 white, 5 pastel lavender, 152 magenta, and 19 pink beads.

large standing Rapunzel

Large Rapunzel

Uses 112 pastel yellow, 86 cream, 62 peach, 6 black, 15 white, 49 light pink, 8 sour apple, 4 sky, 3 red, 65 light lavender, 4 magenta, 147 pastel lavender, 3 purple, 4 pastel blue, and 4 cheddar beads.

large standing repunzel

Snow White

Uses 57 black, 19 red, 68 toasted marshmallow, 14 white, 18 pastel blue, 29 cobalt, and 152 yellow beads.

standing Snow White

Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

Uses 52 black, 142 cream, 74 pastel yellow, 84 sour apple, 96 light brown, 8 white, 4 peach, and 24 bright green beads.

large standing tiana

White Castle

Uses 10 orange, 72 light blue, 14 yellow, 145 white, 18 robin’s egg, 14 shamrock, 10 light gray, 4 brown, 8 light brown, 62 kiwi lime, and 4 pink beads.

blue and white castle

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