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Home » Cute Walnut Fairy Garden Figure (Cutest Craft)

Cute Walnut Fairy Garden Figure (Cutest Craft)

Cute Walnut Fairy Garden Figure (Cutest Craft)

Look at this adorable DIY walnut fairy garden figurine! This little person is made out of a real walnut, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves nature and wants to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. It’s super easy to make, requires literally just a few supplies you have on hand already, and is ideal for adding to a fairy garden. They make great gifts for kids, party favors, or just a fun addition to any fall centerpiece. A versatile and fun project, it’s ideal for a begging crafter but just as fun for an expert.

walnut mouse on clover

Walnut Fairy Garden Figure

This fairy garden person is the perfect addition to any garden. She is small, easy to make, and will bring a smile to your face every time you see it next to your fairy garden. I love the idea of standing with this little person holding a bell next to my fairy garden chapel.

You can make your little fairy figure any color you like, or leave it natural as I have done. This is a project that a child can easily make on their own, and could be a perfect end to a nature walk for a bit of exercise and some education at the same time.

If you want to add more simple critters to your fairy garden, you might also like this cute walnut shell mouse or this adorable acorn mouse. Other ideas include a pinecone bear or a pinecone owl to add to the mix.

walnut mouse being held in hands

What Is a Fairy Garden?

A fairy garden is a small man-made garden that is designed to look like it is inhabited by fairies. These gardens can be created in any size container, from a large planter to a small flowerpot to outside in a flower bed. They often include miniature plants and trees, along with small houses or other structures that the fairies might live in. Some people also add small figurines or statues of fairies, animals, and other creatures to their gardens.

Fairy gardens can be created for a variety of reasons. Some people enjoy the challenge of creating a tiny world that looks realistic. Others enjoy the opportunity to use their imagination and design a space that is completely their own. And for many people, fairy gardens simply provide a source of enjoyment and relaxation. Of course, they are also popular with children as a fun way to indulge in pretend play or imaginative playtimes.

walnut mouse with purple bonnet on white table with plant in background

Can I Make This Using Different Nuts?

Of course! The idea is to create a head and body, but you can use any whole nut for that purpose. Some nut shells will work better than others, but with some creativity, you can make any of them work to make the fairy garden mouse.

Most commonly, you will find acorns, walnuts, pecans, or hazelnuts have the right style of shell for this. While you could use peanuts as a smaller option, they are more fragile. Pistachios might work but would create a very tiny fairy or creature.

walnut mouse on table with twinkle lights

Can This Walnut Figure Stay Outside?

It can, but since it is a natural time, it may decay as time goes on. If you paint it or add the felt cape and bonnet, those may also get moldy or deteriorate over time. While these things can happen, it is still a great project that can stay outside. Most fairy gardens are kept protected from the elements or moved indoors during inclement weather, so it’s okay to make and use them no matter the weather in your area.

You can also always seal the fairy garden person with something to keep any paint or marker from smearing or being removed easily. I like the spray sealant options or Mod Podge since they are affordable and easy to work with.

fairy garden walnut mouse on red and white paper

How Can I Customize My Fairy Garden Resident?

The fairy craft can be customized by you to be as unique as you like. Below are a few ideas that I think would be great with this little project.

  • You can paint it any color you like. While the natural brown of the shell is perfect, you can add different colors to the body or even just to the face.
  • Add a twisted piece of yarn or string under the bonnet as a braid or hair.
  • Another idea is to also add a bowtie, a scarf, or other accessories.
  • Add some flowers or extra decorations to their face or little shirt.
  • Give the cork base the shape of feet instead of just the round base to make it look like they have feet on the bottom.
walnut mouse next to hello autumn paper message

Supplies Needed

purple felt twine and walnuts on white table

How to Make a Fairy Garden Person

To make your fairy garden person, you will start with two walnuts or similar in-shell nuts. Simply glue them on top of each other so they are standing up to create a head and body.

gluing two walnuts together

Now, cut a thin slice of cork into a circle, and glue this body onto the cork to help it stand up straight on its own.

Once you have the body standing on the cork, then you will create the clothing. I simply cut out two triangles of felt large enough to wrap around the neck of the mouse.

blue scissors cutting purple felt

Glue one around the neck so the felt goes down over the back and sides of the bottom walnut.

Then, glue the second one over the top walnut as a bonnet/hat on the persons head.

hand wrapping felt around walnut mouse

Now, you create the face. I started with a tiny gold bead in the center of the top walnut to create the nose.

Then, go back with a black marker and create two small dots above the nose to make the eyes, and draw a small smile just below it.

black marker adding face to walnut

Now, cut a piece of twine around 3″ long. This is going to become the arms.

Glue it centered on the back of the body, just at the neck, so both ends are poking out the sides as arms.

blue hot glue gun being used to attach twine arms to walnut

Now, glue the arms down against the side of the body.

And on one arm, tie or glue the bell.

lady in white sweater holding purple walnut mouse in her hand

More Fairy Garden Decorations

There is no limit to the fun ways you can make your fairy garden unique. Whether it is adding DIY figures like this, building houses, or adding fun little bridges to an existing creek. Below are some great ideas for you to consider when building your fairy garden. Make sure that you bookmark these ideas, print out the tutorials, or pin them to Pinterest to make soon!

Yield: 1

walnut mouse on clover

Make an adorable fairy garden mouse figure using just a walnut, some glue, and a bit of felt! A cute addition to your fairy garden!

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost


This can be made with any whole nuts or even wooden beads.

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purple bonnet and scarf on fairy garden mouse sitting on wood table

This is a great addition to any fairy garden.

dark purple hat and scarf on walnut mouse being held in hands

Or you can add it to your kids play area for a fun character to pretend with during imagination playtime!

purple bonnet on walnut mouse sitting on table in front of fall paper background