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Cute Blue Paper Cat Craft – Step by Step Tutorial


Create this adorable paper cat craft with this easy step-by-step tutorial! With just a few simple supplies you can make your own unique and cute paper cat decoration. Perfect for any decor or as a gift for a friend!

Welcome to this tutorial on how to make your own cute blue paper cat craft! This adorable craft is a great way to surprise your family and friends with a unique handmade gift. It is also a fun project to do with your children and to show them how to create something special from basic materials. This tutorial will take you to step by step through the process of making your own paper cat. So grab some blue construction paper, scissors, and glue, and let’s get started!

Cute Blue Paper Cat Craft For Kids

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Material Used:

  • Blue color paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Black sketch
  • Pink paper

Instructions: –

Step 1: Starting Off With Blue Paper

Simple To Make Cat Craft Ideas For Kids Using Blue Paper

Take a long blue colored paper, and cut one of its sides into two semicircles making it look like the legs of the cat. Fold a little part from the top also.

Step 2: Folding The Blue Paper

Cool Art Of Blue Paper Making Cute Cat Craft Ideas For Kids

Hold the paper from the folded side and bring it towards its legs. Put some glue on the folded end and paste it there.

Step 3: Cutting Off The Circle Out Of Blue Paper

DIY Paper Cat Craft Ideas For Kids

Take another blue sheet and cut out the shape of the circle from it with about a 4 cm radius. Take two googly eyes and paste them on the circle.

Step 4: Making Ears Of The Cat

Step By Step To Make Blue Paper Craft Idea For Kids

Take some leftover blue paper and cut out small triangles from it and paste it on the head of the cat for indicating ears.

Step 5: Drawing the Mustaches And Nose Of The Cat

Learn How To Make Blue Paper Cat Craft For Kids

Take a black sketch and make a nose, mouth, and mustache on the face of the cat.

Step 6: Pasting the Cat Face On Its Body

Creative Ideas Of Blue Paper To Make Cat Craft At Home

Paste the face using a glue stick on the body of the cat.

Step 7: MakeThe Tail Of The Cat

Super Cute Blue Paper Cat Craft Idea For Kindergarten

Take some more blue paper and make the tail of the cat and paste it behind the body.

Step 8: Drawing Hairs Using Black Sketch

Easy Paper Activity To Make Cat Craft Idea For Preschoolers

Make some more designs on the cat using a black sketch.

Step 9: Putting a Bow On The Head

Adorable Blue Paper Cat Art & Craft Idea For Kids

Using pink paper make a bow and paste it on the head of the cat.

Final Step: And See How Beautiful Your Cat Looks!

Amazing 3D Paper Cat Craft Ideas For Kids

You can easily make this beautiful meow cat at your home.

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What is the purpose of this craft?

The purpose of this craft is to create a cute blue paper cat.

What type of materials are needed?

You will need construction paper (blue and white), scissors, glue, and a black marker.

How long does it take to make?

The craft should take about 30 minutes to complete.

What is the finished product?

The finished product is a cute blue paper cat.

Can I use other colors?

Yes, you can use different colors of construction paper to make your cat.

This Cute Blue Paper Cat Craft is a great way to get your kids involved in crafting and having a fun activity to do at home! The step by step tutorial makes it easy to create a cute paper cat of your own.

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