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Crumpled Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft for Kids

Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft and a lesson in design - Happy Hooligans

This tissue paper butterfly craft is a great way for kids to use up some of that tissue paper you’ve stashed away. Toddlers, preschoolers and big kids will all love this colourful spring craft!

The other day, I was organizing the craft cupboards and I noticed our tissue paper supply was getting a little out of hand. Our collection is ever-growing because I save all the tissue paper from birthdays and baby showers and what-not. Clearly we need to craft with tissue paper more often to get the situation under control.

The first project on my list? These pretty tissue paper butterflies! We love a colourful butterfly craft, and this one was really fun and easy to make.

P.S. You can see all of our easy butterfly crafts here.

Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft and a lesson in design - Happy Hooligans

To add interest to the project, we began with a lesson in design.

Just like when we made our tissue paper Easter Eggs, the hooligans planned their project on paper, and colour-coded their plan before decorating their butterflies.

Then they followed their plan to fill the butterflies’ wings and bodies in with crumpled tissue paper.

It was fun for the kids to learn a new skill, and even the youngest hooligan was able to plan her project.

Updated to add: I now have a printable butterfly template. Click here to print it off for tracing.

Pop over to CBC Parents to see our butterflies, and to get the step-by-step photos and instructions so your kids can make some of their own.

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