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Crepe Paper Poppy Craft for Kids

Crepe Paper Poppy Craft for Kids to Make for Veterans Day
A beautiful crepe paper poppy craft for kids of all ages to make for Remembrance Day, Veterans Day or Anzac Day.

Rememberance Day is approaching (November 11th), and the hooligans and I have been busy making beautiful and easy poppy crafts. This crepe paper poppy is our latest.

Last week, we made painted coffee filter poppies, and I loved how realistic they looked.  The coffee filters had a delicate, crinkly look to them just like real poppy petals do.

Today, when we were crafting, I spied a roll of red crepe paper in the cupboard.  Of course!  Crepe paper would be perfect for a poppy craft!

I quickly made a test-poppy to figure out our technique, and I was thrilled with the results!

Crepe Paper Poppy Craft for Kids to Make for Veterans Day

Then I asked my preschooler if she’d like to make one, and being the avid little crafter that she is, she jumped at the chance.

So you’ll see two versions here – a poppy that’s great for school age kids to make, and an even easier poppy for toddlers and preschoolers.

To make our Crepe Paper Poppy Craft, you’ll need:

red crepe paper, green tissue paper, black tissue paper, paper platered crepe paper, green tissue paper, black tissue paper, paper plate

First, I’ll explain the easier version. This is how toddlers and preschoolers can make their poppies.

A poppy craft for toddlers and preschoolers:

Begin by painting the paper plate.  This isn’t necessary, but it will ensure that there won’t be bits of white plate peeking through the strips of red crepe paper. Plus, most kids love to paint, so go for it!

I poured three shades of red paint into a pallet, and my preschooler blended them all together as she covered the front of her plate.

When the paint was dry, she drizzled glue all over the front of her plate, and brushed it around with a paint brush, making every inch of the plate nice and sticky.

preschooler squeezing glue on red paper platepreschooler squeezing glue on red paper plate

Then, we tore the red crepe paper into strips approx. 6 to 7 inches long, and she stuck them into the glue, covering the surface of the plate.

child gluing red crepe paper to painted paper platechild gluing red crepe paper to painted paper plate

For the centre of the poppy, she crumpled up a piece of black tissue paper, and glued that in place.

To finish, she topped the black centre with a smaller piece of crumpled up green tissue paper.
gluing centre on crepe paper poppy craftgluing centre on crepe paper poppy craft

Doesn’t her poppy look lovely?

preschooler holding crepe paper poppy craftpreschooler holding crepe paper poppy craft

And now for my poppy.

A poppy craft for school-aged children:

Close up of crepe paper poppyClose up of crepe paper poppy

Painting the paper plate isn’t necessary as older kids will likely have the fine motor skills needed to cover every bit of the white plate.  Of course, if they want to paint, by all means, have them give their paper plate a generous coat of red paint.

Brush a layer of white glue all over the front of the plate.

Next, working straight from the roll, press the crepe paper all around the outside edge of the paper plate.  Glue the crepe paper loosely, buckling it up a bit here and there to give the poppy a ruffled look.  Work in a spiral motion, circling inwards, until you reach the centre of the plate.

Like the preschooler, you’ll finish with a crumpled up piece of black tissue paper topped with a smaller piece of green.

2 crepe paper poppies displayed in fall leaves2 crepe paper poppies displayed in fall leaves


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