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Craft Room Tour: My Studio Office

25+ Beautiful Craft Rooms + Workspaces

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Welcome to my craft room aka my studioffice! This is the place where I come to be creative and unleash my imagination and experiment with ideas in my head. I have my furniture set out in an organized way that makes it easy to access what I need in order to make whatever I am envisioning.

DIY made craft ribbon storage on the wall in a home craft room office.In My Own Style Blog Craft Room Tour

If you have been reading my blog for a while… get ready to see the changes I made to my craft room that I call my studioffice since one half serves as an office and the other half as a creative studio.

craft room tour

My craft room aka…my studioffice is right off the kitchen through a pocket door. Over the last few months I have kept it closed since the room was a mess with all the supplies I needed to makeover the kitchen. Now that the kitchen makeover is complete, it was time to get the room back in order.

Craft Room Tour Questions

Since this post is a tour of my craft room and creating space, look for the link under each photo that will take you to the post/project DIY about it.

If you have any questions about anything you see, just leave them for me in the comments.

Let’s Start With My Craft Room Office Desk

In My Own Style blog craft room tour

The first thing you see as you enter the room is my desk that is placed in the center of the room. It is where I do most of the business parts of blogging.   I found this desk in curbside trash. Here is how I made it over:  Found Desk Gets a High Gloss Makeover

The pink peonies on my desk are fake. I bought them at Craft and Barrel

In My Own Style blog craft room tour

I have two wheeled cubes on either side of my desk. One is where I store paper and the other side holds my active project files. I bought the White Grant Office Chair at World Market.  The lamp is from HomeGoods.  The rug is from FLOR. 

craft room that looks out on lake

I placed the desk in the center of the room so that I could face the glass doors and see the lake as I work.

Home office craft room desk

On most days I am pretty good at focusing on work, but there have been a few days that the lake has called me away.  🙂

Desk Side Tray Basket File

Home office computer paper storage idea

I found this cube with the shelves in a neighbor’s curbside trash. I cleaned it up, painted it and added the wheels to make one very pretty way to organize paper.

  • I store printer paper in thrift store baskets in this wheeled shelf cube.
  • On the top is where I keep my daily planner.
DIY desk drawer dividers

Last week I decluttered my desk and made pretty drawer dividers to keep my stuff organized. How to Make Desk Drawer Dividers The Easy Way

The Long Work Table Area with File Drawers

DIY Work table idea in craft room

On the left wall is my new work area that I created with file cabinets the previous owner of the house left and a new file drawer in the center. I wanted to create a large working surface for sewing and other projects that don’t need paint and tools.

Bloggers craft room tours

To make the long work table I needed a center file cabinet. After searching online, I found this one. It is from Anna Griffin.

To see how I built the work table: Long Work Table with File Cabinets

Home office and craft rooms

I covered my chair using the same method I shared in this post: How to Makeover an Office Chair

Craft room memo board

I made the memo/pin board using fabric and foam insulation. In my previous house I used to keep a wall calendar on it, but when I moved last year I made it into a place to hang some of my favorite things. You can read how to make it: How to Make a DIY Memo Board or Wall Calendar

The pink stool was a family hand-me down that I painted with DIY chalk paint. Plain to Preppy Stool

pink and white home office

The Paris and New York signs were from the mudroom in my previous house. I shared the tutorial in this post: Grand Central Station-Mudroom Organizing

My Sewing Studio

sewing supply storage

On the far end of the work table is my sewing center. I keep my most needed sewing supplies at hand in the file drawers. My sewing machine is on top of the worktable. I made a fabric cover for it and when needed, I can easily remove the cover and start sewing.

How to Store Camera Lenses

Camera lens storage idea

In the file cabinet on the opposite end of the worktable I store all my camera lenses.

  • To keep them safe, I cut foam to fit inside the drawer and made a section for each lens. I hot glued the pieces of foam together.

The Creating Wall Side of My Craft Room

On the opposite side of the room is what I call my “Creating Wall”.  I wrote about it here: Craft room wall organizer. I moved it from my previous house and re-created it. It is where I paint and make things that are messy and require tools.

Creative crafts room ideas from bloggers

I made the work table by putting together hand-me down sideboards and a hollow-core door.

Craft room tool organization

I made the frames to hold tools, gift wrap, and ribbon.

craft room Storage idea for spools of ribbon

The ribbon holder is a new addition. Learn how to make a Ribbon Holder using roof flashing.

Craft room supply storage and organizing ideas

Almost everything I make and post about passes by this table at some point in its creation.

Here is how I made the gift wrap organizer on the wall:  DIY Gift Wrap Organizer

Craft Room Furniture Used for Supply Storage

dream craft room storage

I bought this metal file drawer cabinet when I went to Nest Fest last fall. I added the feet and painted it with white chalk paint.

How to store and organize small items and supplies in a craft room.

The drawers looks small, but they hold quite a lot.

Organizing ideas for crafts supplies

I store all my craft paints and misc. supplies in the drawers.

Chalk painted metal drawer cabinet

I created the labels on my computer and used many of the free fonts I have downloaded over the years.

Waverly Chalk paints storage ideas

Lots of organized storage makes me smile.

On the back wall is where my crafts closet is.

Craft room storage armoire in craft room office that I call a studioffice

I painted it pink.

how to make and paint with DIY chalk paint
bloggers craft room tour and dream craft rooms

I store many crafty supplies inside it.

Spools of thread storage

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