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Colorful paper fish craft, weaving activity for kids!

Weaving a paper fish craft

Are you looking for a fun and easy paper fish craft for kids? Then, we have just the fishcraft you´re looking for. These colorful paper fish are fantastic for learning the basics of paper weaving with kids. Paper weaving is a great way for children to develop fine motor skills and concentration. 

Easy prep paper fish craft project

One of the best things about this fish craft is its simplicity and accessibility. You only need a few basic craft supplies, which you probably already have at home! There is no need to worry about complicated materials or expensive tools. It´s the perfect summer craft to create with kids at home, in the garden, on a trip, or in a classroom setting, making it a versatile and convenient option for any setting.

If you love this paper-weaving craft but don´t have the materials or time to prepare it, please look at our paper-weaving craft printables here. It´s the perfect, easy-prep paper craft activity for the summer holiday. We have many different weaving animals to choose from; you only need scissors or a craft knife. Print, cut, craft, and have fun!

Would you like to craft them yourself? Then, read along to learn how to make these colorful paper fish. I have included step-by-step instructions for this weaving fish craft below.

Weaving a paper fish craft for kids

Paper fish craft supplies

Below is a short list of the craft supplies you need to create these colorful paper fishes. As we mentioned before, you only need a few basic craft supplies.

Paper weaving for kids, step by step

We created a craft tutorial on how to make these paper fish. I recommend watching the quick tutorial on our Instagram page right here. This might answer some quick questions before diving into the craft instructions below.

How to do paper weaving

How to do paper weaving

Step 1: Gather the craft supplies above.

Step 2: Creating our paper fish is a breeze! We use eight strokes in four colors, each measuring 1 X 6 inches (2.5 X 15 CM). See picture A for a visual guide. Remember, you can also make the strokes in a different size. The bigger the strokes, the easier the weaving is for little hands. If you’re working with smaller kids, using thicker paper is also handy than regular printing paper. We used colorful paper cardstock like this.

Step 3: Lay your colorful strokes before you, as shown in picture B. You need four horizontal strokes and four vertical strokes. We used the colors yellow, orange, pink, and red.

Step 4: Let’s get weaving! Start with two different paper colors and lay them down, as in picture C. We started with orange (horizontal) and yellow (vertical). Glue the horizontal stroke on top of the vertical stroke. This is the starting point of your weaving fish.

Paper weaving craft for kids

Paper weaving craft instructions

Step 5: Add two new colors, red (horizontal) and pink (vertical). Glue the red horizontal stroke next to the orange stroke. Glue the red stroke underneath the yellow stroke. See picture D. You´ll glue the pink stroke vertically, the opposite way. Glue the pink stroke over the orange stroke and weave the paper stroke under the red stroke.

Step 6: Now we start again with our horizontal orange stroke, which we glue on top of the vertical yellow stroke and underneath the vertical pink stroke.

Step 7: Next, we take the second vertical yellow stroke. Glue this paper stroke under the orange stroke and weave it over the red stroke and underneath the orange stroke.

Step 8: Add your two last colors, red horizontal and pink vertical. Weave the strokes as shown in picture F.

Colorful paper fish ocean craft activity

Colorful paper fish craft activity

Step 9: Your paper weaving strokes should now look like picture F. Now, we will turn our weaving artwork into a fish. We gave our fish two small fins and a big tail. See picture G.

Step 10: Add a heart-shaped mouth to your fish. Cut a simple heart from red or pink paper and glue the heart on the backside of your fish.

Step 11: We finished our colorful weaving fish craft with a googly eye. If you don’t have googly eyes, you can use a button or draw an eye with a black marker.

Paper weaving crafts for kids

Did you enjoy creating these colorful paper fish? Our website also has many paper-weaving craft printables for kids, including cute animal designs. They make a great printable craft activity to take on a trip!

Paper weaving craft printable for kids

Paper weaving craft printables for kids