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Chunky Knit Pumpkin DIY- My Creative Days

Chunky Knit Pumpkin DIY- My Creative Days

This dollar store chunky knit pumpkin DIY ended up so much better than I imagined. 

I found two wire pumpkin forms at my local thrift store. You can also find them at Dollar Tree. They sell out fast. You can order them online but you have to buy a case of 24. So, make a few for home and make more for gifts! 🙂 They are also on Amazon HERE.

Dollar Store Crafts Are Affordable And Easy

After playing around with some rope I had on hand and the pumpkin forms, I came away with one of my favorite fall projects to date!!!

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The final result looks like a chunky knit pumpkin and it only cost $4!!!! I was so excited about the outcome that I got on Instagram and Facebook that day and had to share the project live. 

pumpkin form

Supplies Needed For This Project:

Wire Pumpkin Form

Rope – Dollar Tree (you need 3 ropes per pumpkin)

Hot Glue Gun


hot glue it down

How To Put The Chunky Knit Pumpkin Together

First, take apart the ropes. Each pumpkin requires three ropes. The ropes are made up of three strands “braided” together and taped on each end. Pull the strands apart on one end so the tape is pulled off and not holding them together. Once that is off, “unbraid” them to get them apart until three separate strands are left.

Next, hot glue one of the strands around the outer wire of the pumpkin. Start at the top, near the stem. Be sure to leave about 3″ “excess” that isn’t hot glued. Only hot glue this strand on the outer shell of the pumpkin form. There is no need to do the wires that run vertically on the pumpkin or the stem. 

Once the entire outer part of the pumpkin is covered and hot glued with the rope to the other side of the stem from where it started, leave about 3″ excess and cut the rest. Tie the “excess end” from the start with and the “excess” in the end together. (You will get a better understanding of what I mean in my video below). That is just the way I did it, I am sure there are other ways to do it. 


How To Weave The Pumpkin

Now, it is time to start weaving. Weave the strands until the entire pumpkin is filled. I started at the top near the stem and went to the right with the regular over/under weave pattern through each vertical wire on the pumpkin. 

When it gets to the sides of the pumpkin, take the strand around it and start weaving the other way (again, see video below). Use hot glue on the sides of the pumpkin to help keep the strands in place – especially around the curves of the pumpkin. The strand that was hot glued around the outer part to start with will help keep the strands on the sides as the weaving continues. The middle part of the pumpkin is straight so it will stay in place.  

When it comes to the end of the rope, tie the end of the strand to a new strand and keep weaving. Hold the knot towards the back (see video below). As the weaving continues, it fills in so well that the knots almost get lost in it all. 

At the end of the pumpkin, weave until there aren’t any more vertical parts of the wire pumpkin to weave through. Use hot glue on the last row of weaving to keep it in place. There will be some excess at this point. Cut that off and use it for the stem.

How To Finish The Stem of the Pumpkin

Use some hot glue to hold the excess strand in place at the base of the stem. Then wrap the stem, once it is completely wrapped, add hot glue the top to hold it. 

It is kind of hard to describe this process in writing, so here is the video:

The rope would be beautiful died in different colors. I really enjoy the neutral colors, and the chunky look the natural rope gives. You can also use with yarn, fabric, ribbon, and other things. I think it would be fun to do them with some cut-up plaid flannel shirts or blankets from the thrift store. Plaid for fall is my favorite. 

Would you try this Dollar Store Chunky Knit Pumpkin DIY project?

If you do, I would love to see it! Share a photo and tag me @mycreativedays on Instagram.



This Dollar Store Chunky Knit Pumpkin DIY is so easy to make and it only costs $4 to create. It looks amazing when it's done. Make a few!

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