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Christmas Card Votive Candle Accent

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If you save your Christmas cards every year to make Christmas card crafts, here is another creative idea on how to repurpose the festive cards to use to accent a a candle on a Christmas dinner table place setting.

If you are like me you have a hard time throwing pretty and colorful Christmas cards you have received out once the holidays are over.

They can be used for so many things, Christmas decorations, bookmarks, drink coasters, Petite Gift Boxes and made into Christmas Card Holiday Garlands are only a few ideas. Do a search on Pinterest and you will find many more creative ideas using Christmas cards.

Repurpose Christmas cards into a decorative accent for a votive candle on a dinner table setting.

How to Use Christmas Cards as Votive Candle Accents

The Christmas card candle accents I made to use on my Christmas table setting can be made to any size you like. I have included a template for the size I used that you can print. It will make making the candle accents even easier.

supplies needed:

  • Christmas cards – you will need 4 for each candle surround
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors or a paper cutter
  • Thin ribbon
  • Optional – Candle Surround Template

Time needed: 15 minutes

Christmas Card Craft to Accent a Candle on Christmas Table Setting

  1. Gather Cards

    You will need 4 cards for each candle surround. Choose the images you like best.
    Christmas card craft making a votive candle surround for a table setting.

  2. Print Template

    Print the template and cut out the shape. Use a paper hole punch to cut a hole in each corner of the template.

  3. Cut Cards

    Use a paper cutter to cut your cards to the size needed. I like this Fiskars Paper Cutter.

    If you don’t have a paper cutter, use a ruler and a pair of scissors to cut the cards out.

    Note: Place the template over the part of the design you like best.

    Punch holes in cards following the template holes, punch holes in all the cards.

    Cut out and punch holes in Christmas cards

  4. Cut Ribbon & Attach Cards Together

    Cut the ribbon into 4″ pieces. You will need 8 pieces for each candle surround.

    Using the ribbon, line up the holes on two cards and tie together. Snip excess ribbon if needed.

    Repeat the process for the rest of the other cards.
    Old Christmas cards made into a votive candle holder decoration.

Once the dinner is over, the card surrounds can be flattened and stored until your next Christmas dinner.

More Creative Christmas Ideas

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Christmas Card Candle Votive Template to print

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