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Beautiful Pinecone and Bead Mobile Craft for Kids

natural twig and pinecone mobiles for kids to make

Kids can turn a collection of pinecones into a whimsical mobile for your backyard play space. 

If you have pinecones in your yard or neighbourhood, get out there and collect a bunch! These natural pinecone mobiles are easy to make and the results are really gorgeous!  Kids of all ages will love this simple, nature craft.  Hang them from a porch or patio, or bring them indoors and suspend them from the ceiling or the top of a window frame.

We also love making mobiles to hang in our play yard. Over the years, we’ve made all kinds of beautiful hanging ornaments using items we’ve picked up on a nature walk or while playing in our yard.

Our homemade wind chimes and our summer star ornaments are perfect examples.

natural twig and pinecone mobiles for kids to make

Crafting with natural materials helps to keep crafting costs down and allows kids to learn more about the natural world around them. Pinecones are wonderful to craft with as their shape and texture are so interesting for little hands to explore and examine.


Ok, let’s get to it, and I’ll show you how to make some pinecone mobiles of your own!



  • sticks
  • pinecones
  • yarn
  • beads
  • scissors

How to Make our Pinecone Mobile:

We started with a little nature hunt in our yard.  We have a couple of pine trees at the back of the yard so pinecones are always plentiful at any time of year.

We also searched our stick pile for sticks that would be a good size to make our mobiles with.  We went with sturdy sticks about the same diameter as my pointer finger.  You want your sticks to be thick enough that they won’t snap easily.

To make the hanger for our mobile, we first wrapped colourful cotton yarn around our sticks, knotting it at beginning and end, and trimming off any tails of yarn.

Then we criss-crossed a couple of sticks to form an “X”, and we secured them in place by winding more yarn around the sticks where they intersected.

child's hands wrapping-sticks-with-yarnchild's hands wrapping-sticks-with-yarn
preschooler painting stick blue and wrapping with yarnpreschooler painting stick blue and wrapping with yarn

I’ll interrupt here to show you what our youngest hooligan did with her sticks.  She chose not to make a mobile, but instead, to paint her sticks and wrap them with yarn.

If your child decides that they don’t want to make the craft you have planned, relax and go with the flow. Kids will often chose to do something that’s better suited to their interests and abilities, and that’s fine.

They still get the opportunity to express themselves creatively and to develop certain skills, but most importantly, the craft time will be a happy and enjoyable time for them, and ultimately, that’s the goal.  It’s not important that they make what you want them to make but that they develop a love for art and crafting and that they practice new skills and strengthen skills they already have.  Forcing a child to make what you’ve planned doesn’t make anyone happy.

Once she had her sticks secured in an “X”, she tied various lengths and colours of yarn to her sticks, allowing them to dangle down below the X.

You want to make sure that these pieces of yarn are quite long because you’re going to use up some of that length attaching your pinecones.

bowl of metallic beads beside pineconebowl of metallic beads beside pinecone

Before attaching the pinecones to the lengths of yarn, we strung a few colourful, metallic beads onto the yarn.  To keep the beads from sliding off, we knotted the yarn underneath the last bead, leaving a good tail of yarn several inches in length.

close up stick wrapped with yarn close up stick wrapped with yarn

To attach the pinecones to the sticks. we simply wrapped the tail of yarn around the pinecone a few times, weaving it in and out, making sure the yarn was snugly trapped between the scales.

wrapping yarn around a pineconewrapping yarn around a pinecone

When all of the pinecones were attached, we tied a length of yarn to the intersecting sticks, and our pinecone mobiles were reading for hanging.

child holding homemade pinecone mobilechild holding homemade pinecone mobile

Aren’t they lovely?

The hooligans took their pinecone mobiles home, and I hung mine on our back deck.

topdown view of stick and pinecone mobiletopdown view of stick and pinecone mobile

I love the splash of colour it adds to our outdoor space and the way the beads sparkle in the sunlight.

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