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Beautiful Gilded 3D Paper Diamond Cricut Christmas Ornaments

blue and white 3d paper Cricut Christmas ornament on a tree

Use elegant patterned scrapbook paper to make these gilded Cricut ornaments for your tree. If you have young kids or cats who like to play in the Christmas tree, these geometric baubles are a great way to decorate. They’re pretty and unbreakable!

With a curious cat in the house, I was worried about hanging breakable ornaments within paw’s reach. So, I made up with these gilded patterned paper ornaments using my Cricut cutting machine.

damask paper diamond Cricut Christmas ornament hanging on a tree

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They were inspired by the exquiste, handmade decoupaged baubles by Emily Vanderputten.

My Cricut Christmas ornaments are lightweight, which makes them perfect for a kid-proof or cat-proof tree. They are embellished with liquid gilding and red velvet ribbon.

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Christmas tree in a dining room

I hung them on our dining room Christmas tree, along with just a few ginger jar ornaments.

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To make these ornaments, you will need:

I used some scrapbook paper from my craft room stash for this project. But I really like Anna Griffin’s designs if you’re going for a more traditional, elegant look. This chinoiserie patterned paper is another good choice.

I like to use doublesided scrapbook paper. That way, you can make ornaments with different looks from the same sheet of paper.

How to Make Paper Christmas Ornaments

I’ll walk you step-by-step trough the process of making these ornaments in the instructions below. You can also scroll down to watch a how-to video.

I used this 3D crystal design from Cricut to create these ornaments.

You should be able to fit four copies of the ornament design on a single 12X12 inch square of scrapbook paper. You may needs to rotate the designs on your cutting mat to make them fit.

cutting screen in Cricut Design Space

I sized the 3D crystals at 6.86 inches by 4.25 inches. You can use my ornament design on Cricut Design Space or customize it to a different size.

Cricut Explore Air 3 with a green cutting mat

Place the scrapbook paper on the green standard-grip Cricut mat. Make sure the cutting blade and scoring tool is in your Cricut before starting the cut.

  1. Remove the paper ornament cutouts from the mat.
  2. Fold along all the score lines. I find it’s helpful to use a bone folder.
  3. Assemble the ornament using quick-drying craft glue or strips of double-sided tape. It’s easiest if you assemble the bottom of the ornament first, then secure the top.
  4. Allow any glue to dry completely before painting liquid gilding along the folds of the ornanment. Be careful not to smear the gilding as you’re working, but don’t worry if your lines aren’t perfect. (I used gold liquid leaf, but it also comes in brass, silver and other colors.)
  5. Once the gilding paint has dried, hot glue a loop of velvet ribbon to the ornament for hanging. Finish the ornament by tying a small bow from velvet ribbon. Hot glue it on the ornament.
  6. After the hot glue has dried, use a hair dryer on low to remove any hot glue threads.
paper ornaments with velvet ribbon on a Christmas tree

These look so pretty on a Christmas tree.

paper Cricut Christmas ornament with red velvet ribbon on a tree

To see this craft in action, watch the how-to video below.

How To Video

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damask paper Christmas ornament haning on a tree