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American Flag Bead Art | Easy 4th of July Bead Craft

Easy bead art in the shape of the American flag

This American flag bead art is SO PRETTY! Use red, white, and blue beads to make this simple – but beautiful – patriotic craft that’s fun for both kids and adults.

Glue beads into a wooden frame to make this bead art for Memorial Day or Independence Day. This 4th of July craft is so easy to make, and it looks so cute on display, you’ll want to keep it out all year-round!

Easy bead art in the shape of the American flag

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How to Make American Flag Bead Art

Have fun making a painting with beads! This American flag bead art is such a cute and easy craft.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Add a cardboard base to your frame

Step 3: Glue beads to the stripes

Step 4: Glue beads and stars to the flag

Helpful Tips:

  1. Using cardboard is optional, but it will add a bit of height in the frame, making it easier to see the beads.
  2. Use tweezers to place small beads into areas your fingers can’t reach.

Patriotic red, white, and blue bead craftPatriotic red, white, and blue bead craft

What type of beads are best for making this American flag bead art?

What makes this project special is that you don’t need a specific type of bead to make it look great. We love the huge variety of beads we got to use for this bead art!

To make this 4th of July craft, grab a bunch of beads in different sizes, shapes, and textures. The only specific beads we recommend using are seed beads. These tiny beads are perfect for filling in little gaps between the larger beads.

Framed 4th of July craft made with beads and a wood frameFramed 4th of July craft made with beads and a wood frame

Where can I buy beads for making patriotic bead crafts?

You can buy a large selection of beads at the craft store or online. But it can get expensive to get a huge variety of bead styles in the right colors.

We recommend looking at thrift stores, or even checking out local garage/yard sales and auctions. We used a combination of beads from our craft stash and beads from thrifted costume jewelry.

You can also check the dollar store for bead kits and inexpensive jewelry to take apart.

Closeup on beads glued in the shape of the American flagCloseup on beads glued in the shape of the American flag

What type of frame do you need for making American flag bead art?

You need a wood shadow box or wood tray with at least a 1/2 inch lip for the beads to fit in.

We used a wood panel board to make our bead art. They’re meant to be painted or decorated on the other side, but we glued the beads into the “wrong” side. A picture frame would also work well if you can find one with a lip.

What’s the best glue for making bead art?

To make this bead craft you need a glue that will dry clear. We used white school glue, but tacky glue would also work really well.

For a more advanced craft, you can encase the beads in resin, or simply use resin as the base glue.

DIY American flag bead artDIY American flag bead art

Show your American pride with this American flag bead art. It’s so easy to make and this bead craft makes such a cool display piece! Gather up all different sizes and shapes of beads to make this textured art in the shape of the flag.

Easy American flag bead craft for kidsEasy American flag bead craft for kids

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