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Amazing Fall Art with Melted Crayon Shavings

Fall Art with Melted Crayons - Happy Hooligans

Make a gorgeous piece of fall art with melted crayon shavings! This is a fun activity to do with kids of all ages, and it makes a beautiful piece of autumn art to hang in your home or classroom. 

Oh, how I love crafting in the fall with my daycare hooligans. 

The colours of the season provide us with so much creative inspiration. The skies are so blue, and the trees are bursting with vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange.

Fall Art with Melted Crayons - Happy Hooligans

We’ve created the scene with this easy but fascinating art activity. It’s the same process we used to make our Van Gogh Starry Night art with melted crayons and our Melted Valentines Hearts.

If you’re like us, you always have a bunch of broken crayons kicking around. This art project is a super way to use them up while creating a gorgeous fall tree.

Grated Crayons for making fall tree artGrated Crayons for making fall tree art

Kids will need some help with his because you need to put your art in the oven on the lowest heat setting for a few minutes, but they’ll enjoy grating the crayons and laying the shavings out on the “canvas” to create their colourful fall tree.

Crayon shavings on blue backgroundCrayon shavings on blue background

Prepping the canvas for the activity is fun too – there’s tinfoil and painting involved, so that’s another step in the process that they’ll enjoy.

They can watch the crayon wax melt in the oven, and then set when you remove it from the heat. I find the process fascinating myself!

Best of all, is the resulting piece of vibrant fall art that you can hang on a wall in your home or classroom!

melted crayon fall tree artmelted crayon fall tree art

Your colourful fall art will look terrific hanging in the classroom or on display in your home.

To see more photos and the step-by-step instructions for making our Melted Crayon Fall Art, click here. 

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