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9 Budget Friendly All-Season DIY Wreaths – DIY Beautify

collage of DIY wreaths

A collection of DIY wreaths that will work for any season! All are
affordable and easy to make. Which one will you make first? You’ll find
bonus tips for hanging a wreath anywhere.

If you are looking for affordable ideas to create your beautiful home, a
wreath is definitely high on the list of must-haves! Think it’s too
hard? Each of these wreaths is easy and do-able! You can do it and make
some beautiful decor for your home!

Why should you consider making an all-season wreath?

  1. Rather than a wreath that is only up for a month or so, one that is all
    season friendly can be left out year round, making it an affordable choice
    for the budget-conscious.
  2. Tight on space? No more storing multiple wreaths in your garage or attic.
  3. Make an all-season wreath work for any season by adding a seasonal bow or

I’ve been crafting for decades and am showing you 9 of my favorite all season
DIY wreaths. 

Happy wreath making!

9 Affordable DIY Wreaths for All Seasons

When you click the title link, you’ll be taken to a step by step tutorial to
show you exactly how to make the wreath, along with a clickable supplies
list to get you started!

Oversized Boxwood Wreath

boxwood shines in this oversized wreath. Because it’s made of sturdy grapevine and
faux boxwood, this wreath can be hung outdoors, although I would recommend
keeping it out of direct sunlight. Making this wreath work for the seasons is
as simple as adding seasonal elements. See how I turned this same wreath into
a temporary Christmas wreath here, and how I added my
favorite faux tulips
for a Spring wreath
boxwood greenery wreath, velvet ribbon

Make a Fresh Herb Wreath

If your garden herbs aren’t big enough, look at your local home improvement
store, or even the grocery store. This is a wonderful way to dry fresh herbs
in place and will make your kitchen smell amazing. I can’t wait to grow enough
lavender to make a fresh lavender wreath!

3. Paper Bag Copper Magnolia Wreath

It doesn’t get any more budget-friendly than creating with paper bags! I’ll be
honest – I was surprised by just how good this wreath turned out! Joanna
Gaines may be responsible for magnolia wreath’s popularity in recent years,
but my copper version is stunning! While I did make this wreath for my Fall
decor, it really is beautiful, and neutral enough, to work all year!

paper bag copper leaf wreath

Upcycle a Thrifted Berry Wreath

This project is a great way to customize a store-bought wreath for your home
and style! If you can look past the color like I did, you can reimagine a
berry wreath from a faded Christmas wreath! I used
spray paint
to transform this wreath in an afternoon and what a difference!

5. 5-Minute Greenery Wreath

greenery wreath on wall, wood candle holders

6. Floral and Wood Slice DIY Wreath

If you love dreamy florals, this wreath is a stunner! I used
blush pink peonies
but use whatever flowers you love! The unexpected element on this wreath are
the small wood slices. While I made this wreath for Spring one year, I kept it
up all year long because it was just so beautiful!
floral wreath, wood slices, grapevine base

7. Fresh Magnolia Wreath

If you’re lucky enough to live in the south, gathering pruned magnolia leaves
is a cost-effective way to a beautiful wreath! The leaves will curl a little
as they dry to a more muted shade, and the backsides are a velvety brown, just
amazing! I put my wreath together on a
straw base.
fresh magnolia leaf wreath

8. Easy Ticking Stripe Ribbon Wreath

This DIY wreath continues to be a favorite!
Ticking stripe ribbon
makes for a charming wreath that can work in any room of your home – try it on
the porch! Wired ribbon is a must to get your DIY wreath to hold its shape!
blue ticking striped ribbon wreath

9. Easy Coffee Filter Wreath for $5

One of the biggest bangs for your buck, the coffee filter wreath looks like a
mass of flower petals when it’s complete! It takes about an hour to make,
start to finish but the results are show-stopping! I used white coffee
filters, but it would be stunning with
unbleached filters
too! Or you could dye your coffee filters a custom color – so many
coffee filter wreath

Tips for hanging a wreath anywhere

A wreath doesn’t always come with a hanger or look right hanging from one of
those over-the-door hangers. I’ve come up with several creative solutions for
hanging a wreath wherever I want one – including the fronts of hutches,
mirrors, cabinets. Keep reading for all my tips!

Hanging a wreath from a mirror front, hutch or cabinet

I rely on
small command hooks
and either fishing line or ribbon when I want to hang a wreath this way. I love
that it’s a damage-free way to hang a wreath when you want to hide the working
parts. Here is a
short video tutorial
showing you exactly how I use the command hooks in this way.

Hanging a wreath on a door without a metal hanger

Most wreaths have a decorative ribbon, and an elegant way to hang a wreath is
by using a long length of matching ribbon. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Determine exactly where you want the wreath to hang (how low) on the door
  2. Cut the ribbon to that size, remembering to double it
  3. Wrap the ribbon around the top of the wreath, lining up the ends
  4. Staple the tops of the ribbon to the top of your door 

Unless you have a metal door, it’s easy to staple the ribbon right to the
very top of the door. The ends are unseen, staples are easy to remove, and
the look is elegant and streamlined (see my coffee filter wreath hanging

I hope these tips are helpful and you’re excited to make one of these all
season wreaths for your home!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,