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70+ Creative Summer Date Ideas for Teens

70 creative summer dates for teens

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Looking for an awesome list of summer date ideas for teens?  Summertime is the perfect time to create inexpensive dates nights for teenage couples.  You can take advantage of all of the great free outdoor activities going on in communities and parks. Get out in nature and have a good time in the warm weather. Cheap date ideas are essential for teens and I have some ideas for you!

The teen years are a great time to have fun dating and getting to know people. In our family, we encourage our kids not to seriously or exclusively date anyone until after high school. (We even have a no dating until 16 rule.)  However, I do think casual dates, group dates and double dates are great for teens!  It helps them build wonderful friendships and so many lasting memories.  The following ideas will get them excited as they plan a night out with their crush or just some good friends!

Following is a list of great summer dates for teens. Some of these would be good first date ideas, but others will be better for a second date or third date when they get to know each other more.  

Most of these dates are free or very cheap dates. Teens don’t typically have much money to spend. But, you can create some great adventures with very little money. Some of these ideas do cost money, but teens occasionally want to do something more special. So, I included both kinds of dates.

summer date ideas for teens- hiking 

Not a teenager?  That’s ok!  Most of these ideas would be fun for us older people, too! College age kids and even adults will enjoy a new fun date idea. 

Summer Date Ideas for Teens

  1. Hiking is one of the most perfect summer date ideas for teens. It’s free & fun!  Pack some water & snacks and head out on an adventure!
  2. Building a campfire and making s’mores or cooking your dinner over the fire is always a great time. 
  3. Explore a thrift store or a few.  Bonus points if you have a fashion show with some of the funny things you find there. 
  4. Attend school events together such as sporting events, dances, plays, etc.
  5. Go to a local park and play games. Be sure to pack a picnic and make an evening out of it. 
  6. Have a game night!  Play your favorite board games or card games. This is a great double-date idea. 
  7. Go stargazing. Find a place without as much light and try to identify the constellations. 
  8. Play frisbee golf. We have this at some of our parks around here. 
  9. Miniature golfing is a really entertaining activity!
  10. The roller skating rink is a fun date idea for teenagers. 
  11. Play a game of laser tag or paintball.
  12. Baking cookies or cakes together is a cute date idea. 
  13. Hanging out at the mall can actually be lots of fun!  My daughter did a really fun mall scavenger hunt on a group date. Have dinner together at the food court. 
  14. Go out for ice cream or other desserts. Or, have an ice cream date at home. Go to the grocery store to pick out all of your toppings together. 
  15. Get specialized sodas- we have some fun soda shops in our town that kids love to go to!
  16. Volunteer at an animal shelter or another place where you can serve such as a food bank or soup kitchen. 
  17. Have a group outdoor game night and play night games or team sports. 
  18. Attend a local outdoor concert or a music festival.
  19. Go to the bowling alley. 
  20. Ice skating at a local ice rink can be a wonderful date. 
  21. Eat at food trucks or go to a food festival.
  22. Go to a sporting event such as a baseball game or soccer game.
  23. Go to a flea market or a farmer’s market.
  24. Try indoor rock climbing.
  25. Go to a drive-in movie, if they still exist where you live.  If they don’t set one up for yourself!
  26. Have a karaoke night with friends.
  27. Make a funny movie together.  (Try something trending on TikTok.)
  28. Attend a class together- pottery making, cooking classes, or a dancing class, etc. 
  29. Do a YouTube tutorial to learn some new skills- such as creating a painting, learning to knit, draw or craft together.
  30. Get a group of friends and go to an escape room.
  31. Paddle boarding, going on a canoe, or kayaking can be a really fun summer date idea. 
  32. Go on bike rides together or electric scooter rides.  You can rent electric scooters in lots of bigger cities and they are so much fun! 
  33. Visit a coffee shop – even if your kids aren’t coffee drinkers, there are other yummy drinks to try!
  34. Water parks are perfect for summer group dates!
  35. Play video games. A little friendly competition can be great for a date!
  36. Have a movie night with your favorite snacks. You don’t have to go to a movie theater, save money and do it at home on the couch! Don’t forget the popcorn. 
  37. Walk through a local botanical garden. 
  38. Race go-carts. This is always a blast!
  39. Play arcade games.  Arcades are a great way to laugh and have fun together! 
  40. Workout-  running, lifting weights at the gym, or any other favorite workout can be a great way to spend quality time together. 
  41. Find a great spot to watch the sunset together.  Bring a blanket to sit on. 
  42. Do a photo scavenger hunt, or other scavenger hunts.  These are especially fun for group dates or a double date. 
  43. Skateboarding is the perfect date idea for teens, Even if neither of you is good at skateboarding, you can have a fun time!
  44. Go to the beach, the lake or the mountains. Getting out in the great outdoors always makes for the best dates. 
  45. Do a puzzle together. 
  46. Go swimming together at the local pool or lake. 
  47. Visit an art gallery. This is a perfect opportunity to get to know more about another person’s tastes and preferences. 
  48. Make some homemade pizza. Get all of your favorite toppings & build your own. 
  49. Try a murder mystery party with a group of friends. We have loved doing these in the past!
  50. Go to a zoo, aquarium or aviary. This is a pricier activity for a teen date, but can be a lot of fun! 
  51. Attend a carnival or fair together. Play games, taste yummy foods and ride some great rides!
  52. Pick fruit at a u-pick farm- berries, peaches, plums, apples, yum!
  53. Tour a big city together. Rent e-bikes, hop on a tour bus or just walk it. 
  54. Go for a scenic drive.
  55. Have an old fashioned water fight!
  56. Go tubing or rafting down a river. 
  57. Hang hammocks at a park and hang out there for a few hours. 
  58. Do a silly photo shoot together. 
  59. Run a race together. Sign up for a local 5k and walk or run it together. 
  60. Go fishing together!  This can be a really fun activity to get to know each other since there is lots of down time while fishing. 
  61. Be artists. Go to a public place (or somewhere in nature) and draw or paint what you see. You can do a joint canvas or each have your own. 
  62. Wash each others cars. Expect together wet!
  63. Fly kites on a windy day. 
  64. Go on a walk through your neighborhood or in another nice location. Bring your dogs!
  65. Play tennis, racquetball, or pickle ball. 
  66. Get a group and play a game of sand volleyball. 
  67. Act like kids for a day- got to a park and play on the play ground. Go down the slides and play on the swings. Feed the ducks at the pond. 
  68. Attend a public lecture on something that interested you. 
  69. Go to yard sales or garage sales and buy each other gifts. 
  70. Visit an amusement park and ride your favorite roller coasters together. 
  71. Plant something in the garden- whether is flowers, trees or vegetables, it will be a lasting memory of that date!
  72. Try ax throwing or archery. There are some fun place to do this safely!
  73. Write a song or a poem together. 
  74. Read a novel together. This can be so entertaining!  Take turns reading out loud to one another. Find a comfortable spot- like hammock or lawn chairs. 
  75. Play foosball, air hockey, or a game of pool.

I hope this list of summer teen dates gave you some great ideas as you plan your next fun date night!  

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