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6 Fall Tree Crafts for Toddlers

6 fall tree crafts for preschoolers to make
6 fall tree crafts for preschoolers and toddlers to make!  A fun collection of easy, inexpensive fall craft ideas for kids!

Fall is a terrific time or observing leaves and trees with preschoolers.  It’s the time of year that our trees become most obvious to us because of the vibrant colours they display as we move further into fall.  In our backyard,  our maples and our oak are beginning to shows tinges of red and brown in their leaves, and the colour of our honey locust is changing quickly from green to yellow.  That particular tree is always the first to turn, and the first tree to lose its leaves.  Its branches will be bare by the end of September, while the birch trees and the maples, oaks and poplars hold onto a little longer.

Because the leaves on the trees are so beautiful at this time of year, and because the process of the leaves changing colours is a fascinating one, we do a lot of leaf crafts and tree crafts in September.

Today I’m sharing with you, 6 of my favourite fall tree crafts for preschool.

These crafts are all easy and inexpensive, and they’ll allow your child to explore, create and celebrate the colours and textures of fall.

6 fall tree crafts for preschoolers to make

6 easy fall tree crafts for home or the classroom:

Each of these photos and descriptions contain clickable links which will take you to the full post with the details.

handprint apple tree craft with tissue paper and buttonshandprint apple tree craft with tissue paper and buttons

Fall Handprint Apple Tree Craft

Textured wallpaper samples, tissue paper and buttons add a sensory element to these adorable handprint apple trees!

Popcorn Fall Tree Craft for Toddlers and PreschoolersPopcorn Fall Tree Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Fall Tree Craft with Coloured Popcorn

Don’t throw out that left-over popcorn!  Colour it (the kids will love this process), and make these vibrant popcorn trees!

child making a fall tree with twigs and tissue paperchild making a fall tree with twigs and tissue paper

Tissue Paper Fall Tree for Preschoolers

One of my all time favourite Autumn crafts here in my home daycare is this fall tree table topper made with tissue paper and twigs.

apple tree craft made with sandpaper, corks and aluminum foilapple tree craft made with sandpaper, corks and aluminum foil

Apple Tree Craft with Sandpaper, Corks, Tinfoil and Buttons

These sandpaper apple trees provided the opportunity to explore textures and some fun painting techniques.

Fall tree crafts with tree bark and paint swatchesFall tree crafts with tree bark and paint swatches

Fall Tree Craft with Colourful Paint Chip Samples

I love this paint chip tree craft.  The hooligans made fall collages with their materials, while I made this lovely tree adorned with colourful paint swatch “leaves”.

PicMonkey CollageePicMonkey Collagee

Tissue Paper Handprint Fall Tree Craft

Another one of my favourite fall crafts for toddlers and preschoolers is this Tissue Paper Handprint Tree.  Kids love crumpling the tissue paper, and it really loes look like vibrant fall leaves falling from their handprint tree.


Fall Tree Art with Melted Crayons

BONUS: Here’s one more fall tree craft to add to the collection! We made these melted wax fall trees with our broken crayons, and the results were gorgeous.

I hope you and your hooligans enjoy making these fall trees as much as we did!

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