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5 Minute Anthropologie Knobs Knockoff ( Beautiful Drawer Knobs DIY )

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When I made these drawer knobs inspired by those bohemian style Anthropologie knobs, and texted a photo to my hubby, he called me from his trip: “They look amazing! But no one is going to be able to make them…”

What??? Then I realized because I was always drawing and painting, he thought I had PAINTED these dresser knobs! ( You know how long that would take to paint Anthropologie knobs? )

5 minute Anthropologie knobs knockoff: free printable designs & best secret to make $1 DIY cabinet & drawer knobs

Well, these may look like hand painted ceramic drawer knobs, but the secret is- they are the easiest things to make, and there is no painting involved.

I will show you the technique on how to decoupage wood drawer knobs, and share all the designs I made here for free. You can download them to make your own set of “hand-painted” designer knobs for your home! ( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

Check out the 2 minute video tutorial below on DIY Anthropologie knobs, or skip to step by step instructions.

*Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

Materials and tools:

anthropologie inspired knobs from wood dresser knobs

Step 1: Print and cut drawer knob designs

Measure the knobs and create same size circular designs. You can download mine at the end. Sand the knobs slightly if they have a glossy coating on the surface.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (5)

Print the designs and cut out the circles.

Step 2: decoupage wood drawer knobs

Brush some Modpodge or glue on the surface of a knob. Place a circle with the design side facing down.

Carefully center the knob on the circle.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (8)

Lift the knob (now the paper circle should be sticking at the center) and brush Modpodge gently from the center outward onto the paper. Do this carefully so the paper disc does not shift on the knob.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (9)

Take a piece of plastic, wrap around the drawer knob as you press the paper and shape it along the curved surface of the knob.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (10)
5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (11)

Unwrap as soon as the paper is glued to the drawer knob.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (12)

Finish by sealing each knob with 1-2 coats of Modpodge or other sealers to protect the knobs from finger prints, etc. If you coat the knobs with Martha Stewart Decoupage Formula, it’s dishwasher safe after 28 days, which means- very durable!

Now you have some gorgeous drawer knobs, how about choosing cabinet paint colors? 25 Most Gorgeous Pain Color Palettes For Kitchen Cabinets.

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Aren’t these drawer beautiful? They took less than 5 minute each to make!

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (4)

Yes, Anthropologie knobs are irresistible. We are most likely to get some when we move into our new home. However, these DIY drawer knobs are so easy and fun to make, I am no longer itching to run to Anthropologie now.

Remember how much I love indigo from these DIY indigo fabrics and pillows?

Make envelope throw pillows in less than 10 minutes using re-purposed fabrics such as canvas drop cloth : super easy, no sewing skill required! A Piece Of Rainbow

This group below is inspired by blue and white Delft ceramics, the colorful ones by Mediterranean designs especially from Spain and Italy.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (3)

They would look gorgeous on reclaimed wood or painted wood.

The designs I made are for   2″ wooden ones with a gently curved surface like these , or 1.75″ ones like these,  If you have different size knobs, just adjust the pdf to print at a smaller or larger percentage.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog (20)

The printables are high resolution at 300dpi, which means you can enlarge them to 200% and they will still print out nicely!

Download free designs here-

Anthropologie worthy DIY cabinet or door knobs that look like hand painted designer ceramic knobs! Download beautiful designs to make your own set easily! - A Piece of Rainbow

I love using paper or image transfer for home decor! You can check out a similar DIY project: transform boring outlet covers into designer ones, free designs included!


Or these paper lanterns made from up-cycled materials!

apieceofrainbow27 (16)

Download free designs here! You can unsubscribe any time!