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5 Hand Made Knick Knacks That Are Well Worth Crafting

5 Hand Made Knick Knacks That Are Well Worth Crafting

If you’ve always enjoyed sitting down and crafting, simply continue reading to discover a variety of handmade knick knacks that you’ll enjoy making in your spare time.

5 Handmade knick nacks that are well worth crafting in your spare time:

1. DIY your own mailbox

If you’re handy with a hammer and nails, it’s well worth using Google to find free instructions on how to build your very own mailbox. Which is a great idea if you’re sick of using a standard mailbox and would love to express your individuality by building and painting a unique, one of a kind mailbox.

If you’re tempted by this crafty idea, it’s well worth hunting around for instructions which also boast a template, which you’ll be able to use to measure and cut out each piece of wood which you’ll need to create your mailbox.

2. Create an attractive mosaic splashback for your kitchen wall

In order to add a bit of color to your kitchen, it’s well worth learning how to create your very own backsplash for your kitchen by using hundreds of pieces of smooth rounded glass to decorate a small backsplash.

If you’re a fan of minimalist style, you may want to try using black and white pieces of glass to create your backsplash while if you have a quirky sense of style you may want to go crazy and to create a rainbow inspired mosaic backsplash which features every color of the rainbow.

3. Stamp your mark on your garden by placing a mosaic path in your garden

Once you’ve successfully created a stunning mosaic backsplash for your kitchen wall, you may be interested in using the same technique in order to create a stunning mosaic path which you’ll be able to use to get around your garden without walking on your lawn.

In order to ensure that your glass pieces don’t break off your mosiac, it’s well worth laying down small sections of concrete first, which you can then place your glass pieces on so that they dry into your concrete path. It’s well worth creating one meter of your pathway at a time so that you’ll have adequate time to decorate each section before your concrete drys.

4. Consider using your newfound building skills to create a small birdhouse

Once you’ve created your own mailbox it’s well worth using your newfound building skills in order to build a small birdhouse, which you’ll be able to hang from one of the trees in your garden. If you don’t have a suitable tree you can also try hanging your birdhouse off a strong hook which you can hang off your garden fence.

If you have small children they may even enjoy painting your finished birdhouse for you after school or during a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

5. Decorate a plain rubber welcome mat with flat smooth stones

In order to create a unique, stylish welcome mat simply purchase an inexpensive black rubber welcome mat, which you’ll be able to decorate with flat smooth stones. To create a welcome mat which will look far more expensive than it is!