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4th Of July Twig Ornaments

4th of july twig ornaments
Looking for a fun and easy patriotic craft for your kids to make?  These 4th of July twig ornaments incorporate painting, glittering, using a glue gun and tying knots.  The results: a cute, Independence Day ornament to display on your deck or patio.

Being in Canada, I don’t celebrate the 4th of July.  Our national holiday is Canada Day which falls on the 1st of July. If your’e looking for Canada Day crafts, we have a bunch here.

Many of my readers are in the U.S though, and with the American holiday coming up, I thought it would be fun to make a craft for them.

We kept things very simple and whipped up these red, white and blue stars for you to display on your deck or patio.

4th of july twig ornaments

These simple patriotic twig ornaments will add a festive splash of American pride to your yard or patio.  They look great standing on their own or strung together in a garland.  Bonus:  they’re really fun to make!  Let me show you how we did it.

red white and blue stars against a rustic watering canred white and blue stars against a rustic watering can

To make your 4th of July twig ornaments, you’ll need:

  • twigs (5 per star)
  • red, white and blue acrylic paint
  • white glue and glitter
  • glue gun
  • snippers
  • fishing line

Preparing your twigs:

First you need to find a bunch of twigs (we went with sticks that were about the same diameter as a pencil).

This can be a fun way for little ones to get involved in the project.  What kid doesn’t love collecting sticks?

With your snippers, cut your twigs so they’re all roughly the same length.  You can vary the size of your stars; just make sure that all of the twigs belonging to one star are the same length.

Remove any loose bits of bark.  This is fun, and a great fine motor activity for young children.

painting white twigs for starspainting white twigs for stars

Paint your stars.  We went with one star each in red, white and blue.

Gluing your stars:

You’ll want to play with your twigs a little, laying them out to form your stars.  When you’re arranging your twigs to form a star, make sure all of the intersecting points touch.  You’ll be gluing at these points.

hot gluing red twig stars togetherhot gluing red twig stars together

When you’re happy with your stars, glue them together at the pointed ends and at the intersecting points.

To prevent burnt fingers, keep a bowl of cold water near by.   If you get any glue on your fingers, dip them into the bowl for instant cooling.

Add a little glitter:

Adding the glitter is optional.  I just wanted to get a little shimmer on my stars so I mixed a couple of tbsp of white glue with a generous amount of glitter and brushed it all over all of the stars.

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage

Let your stars dry thoroughly.

That’s it, that’s all!

Now, you just need to find a place to show off your 4th of July twig stars.

Up against a watering can perhaps?  Ours looked cute perched atop the old washing board that I display on our deck.

red white and blue stars displayed on watching board on deckred white and blue stars displayed on watching board on deck

Or maybe you’d like to string them?


They’d look sweet hanging vertically from your deck or patio or even from a branch in a tree.

For more 4th of July crafts and activities, check out this Independence Day round-up by The Measured Mom!

Happy 4th of July!

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