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35 DIY Birthday Cards (Fun and Creative)

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Giving your loved one a funny or quirky birthday card is always a pleasant gesture. But, if you’re a passionate DIY enthusiast, then you know that it’s always more meaningful for both of you if the thing you have for their birthday is something you made on your own.

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DIY birthday cards are not that difficult to create, but they will definitely tell someone how much you care. The good news is that we’ve got all the easy homemade birthday card ideas that look super cute. You can make one of them in under 30 minutes with the supplies you have at home.

Sure, sending birthday wishes through social media is fast and easy, but there’s something extra special about giving an actual, heartfelt birthday card. Check out these 35 adorable DIY birthday cards to wish someone a special day.

We hope you feel encouraged and inspired to make one on your own!